TABCO Bulletin Fall 2018 - Page 9

Association Representatives (Reps) Make a Difference
The Association Rep is key in how TABCO gets the information out to
school personnel on issues from upcoming events such as special seminars,
Fix the Fund rallies, 5K Runs for wellness, retirement dinners and the 100th
anniversary celebration.
a year.
The Association Reps attend five or more meetings
At the meetings, Reps get the latest information and bring it back to
their fellow teachers and staff at school. They also hold the well-named TenMinute Meeting that often follows a Faculty Meeting on a Monday.
Reps get released time in order to arrive by 4:00.
Master Agreement.
This is done through the
They discuss and vote on various important
issues. Association Reps who find it challenging to attend
meetings have duly elected alternates who can take their place on occasion
at the meetings.
Let’s meet some Reps and hear what they have to say.
Sharon Shumway has been teaching in Baltimore County for 19 years.
was invited to apply by the previous Rep at her school, Arbutus Elementary.
According to Sharon,
the most rewarding part of her post is “the ability to
help co-workers by answering questions, finding resources and supporting
members in her building.”
An outspoken advocate for TABCO, Sharon
winces when colleagues complain about dues or are not aware of how much
a strong union helps everyone.
She is famous in her building for her
dedication and for holding a prize drawing to encourage faculty to come to
the Ten-Minute Meetings.
Laurie Frisch of Battle Grove Elementary is also
a Rep.
A nurse for 10 years, Laurie was originally
approached by her principal.
(Remember that
good principals like to follow the Master
Agreement and see teachers succeed.) She is
working alongside school counselor Kristen
Laurie says, "We work side by side so
well and Kristen is teaching me so much about
policies, regulations and conflict resolution.” Her
goal is to find conflict resolution that both parties
can feel good about. Since both nurse and
counselor are among the most nurturing people in a
school, it is perhaps no surprise that these women
have taken their commitment to the next level.
Kristen has been a counselor for twenty years and a
Rep for the past 7.
She remembers that her
principal at the time approached her with the idea
of serving in this capacity.
Kristen has advice for
those members who are considering taking the Rep
“If a teacher is considering the idea
of becoming a Rep they need to know that this
takes a certain amount of time and diplomacy.” She
recommends using the buddy system.
‘wingman’ or back up Rep, Laurie Frisch, helps me
so that everything that we need to do for our
TABCO members at Battle Grove is done in a
timely fashion. I would also tell soon-to-be Reps to
get to know their UniServ Director well---they are
a huge help!"
There are a few schools that do not have an
Association Rep.
the school.
This is a huge loss for all staff in
If you are reading this and your school
does not have a Rep, contact TABCO and see if
this role might be a good fit for you.
(Funny, you don't look 100)

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