TABCO Bulletin Winter - Page 16

5 – BOE Mtg
6 – TABCO Budget Com Mtg (All Day)
12 – TABCO Retired Mtg
13 – TABCO BOD Mtg
18 – President’s Day – BCPS/TABCO Closed
19 – BOE Mtg
20 – TABCO Budget Com Mtg
21 – TABCO RA – TABCO Office
27 – TABCO BOD Mtg
It is with regret that we inform our readers of the
passing of old friends and colleagues
Ellen M. Cronhardt passed away June 22 at age 89 of
congestive heart failure. After graduation from the University of Maryland, Ellen was a physical education
teacher at Sparrows Point and Franklin High Schools
from 1939 to 1979. She was a proud aunt to numerous
nieces and nephews, an avid collector and active in her
Dawn Fitzpatrick was a behavior interventionist who
worked for both Baltimore City and Baltimore County. The principal of Riverview Elementary School, Mary
Maddox, remembers her fondly running down the hall
on the way to a meeting in six inch Prada heels.
4 – 11 – TABCO Elections
5 – BOE Mtg
“Editor,” (from front page)
6 – TABCO Budget Com Mtg
When you stop to think about all the steps that go
into making the final call to delay or close, such as
weather updates, predictions and sending a team out
as early as 2:30 am to check road conditions, it is really a marvel of organization. And forget about saying
things like Buffalo, New York doesn’t close school for
a few flakes! Cities like that have equipment that we
simply do not possess here in Baltimore County.
7 – Understanding Your Retirement – TABCO Office
11 – MSEA Rally - Annapolis
13 – TABCO BOD Mtg
19 – BOE Mtg
20 – TABCO Budget Com Mtg
29 – 30 – SPARKS Training – Annapolis
8 – Sine Die
Parents and teachers, stop and think about all this
before getting upset. The best idea may be to get
your own family emergency plan ready prior to the
arrival of winter weather. Flakes will come.
9 – BOE Mtg
10-12 – TABCO BOD Retreat
19 & 22 – Spring Break – Schools/TABCO Closed
24 – TABCO Recognition Com Mtg
25 – TABCO Budget Presentation – TABCO Meeting

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