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WE BELIEVE integrity is vital to creating and maintaining
authentic relationships, and commit to alignment and transparency in our
words, behaviors, and actions. We consistently and vigorously seek the best
possible outcomes, quality of life, security, and care for our residents, their
families, clients, and staff.
A day of reflection, forecasting, and crafting a framework
for the coming years.
–Susie Carp
Over the last 65 years, senior living has undergone
significant changes, and there’s no doubting that the
needs of seniors and their families will continue to
evolve, especially as baby boomers enter the modern
senior-living market. In an effort to respond and
prepare for the next five years, The Legacy Senior
Communities hosted its first-ever VISIONING DAY,
organized by LSC President and CEO, Melissa Orth,
and board member Sharon Levin.
The event brought out Legacy employees, board
members, residents and family members,
supporters, and members of partner organizations,
who came together to address the issues facing the
community. Attendees divided into breakout groups
to tackle key topics and draft a vision statement,
which they presented at the event’s closing session.
Their thoughtful words became the foundation for
The Legacy Senior Communities’ vision statement,
which charts its direction for the next half-decade.
“In the past year alone, we’ve expanded the services
we provide, and we want to ensure that each one of
those opportunities continues to lead to high-quality
service for Jewish seniors and their families,” says
Levin. “As we complete construction on The Legacy
Midtown Park and now offer hospice services through
The Legacy at Home, it’s more important than ever
that we take the stability we have as an organization
and apply it to our future plans.”
The Legacy community has compassionately and expertly
taken care of our family, from the day my parents moved into
their independent living apartment 10 years ago to their move
out of skilled nursing. We are grateful to the staff and residents
for making my parents feel at home, with particular note
to: their bridge and dining partners; servers who remember
favorite wine, and extra fudge brownies; a maintenance
staff who changes every light bulb; medical and home health
workers who change much more with a smile; top-notch
administrators who make family events beautiful in
good times and not, and help us navigate every
transition with expertise and grace.

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