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WE BELIEVE excellence is an ongoing process and essential to
our future . We pledge to continuosly invest in the pursuit of excellence—in
care, practice, innovation, and facilities, and strive to offer an outstanding
experience to our residents, their families, and our clients.
New, state-of-the-art innovations are upping our quality
of care and our residents’ quality of life.
Seeing is
–Barry Solomon
These strolls down memory lane are produced using
360-degree cameras to create lifelike experiences
that resonate with seniors, with video programming
that includes travel destinations, music and other
arts, learning opportunities, action-related content,
nature scenes, and even virtual interactions with
furry friends.
“The Legacy Senior Communities had the vision to
team with MyndVR as our very first client three years
ago, and, since then, has been on the forefront of
providing cutting-edge medical technology programs
for their residents,” says MyndVR cofounder Shawn
Wiora. “From the start, MyndVR has employed a
team of world-renowned researchers and medical
professionals to study the positive therapeutic
effects of virtual reality, and we are thrilled to provide
those resources to Legacy.””
Research has shown that seniors who use the
software have a reduction in anxiety and depression,
increased socialization, stimulation of memory and
cognition, and a rise in the overall enjoyment of life.
“In one case, a resident living with Alzheimer’s
began exhibiting personality traits she had prior
to her diagnosis, including smiling, dancing, and
singing,”says Willow Bend Executive Director Laura
Levy. “Another resident reported feeling relief from
symptoms of Parkinson’s.”
We were already familiar with the forerunner of
Willow Bend, Golden Acres in Dallas, since some of my family
members had lived there. We figured Willow Bend was going to
be updated in terms of design, lifestyle, and amenities,
with all senior requirements located on one campus. We also
knew it would have a caring staff, and that means a lot to me.
Life here is like living on a cruise ship that is docked in Plano!
It has everything I would ever want.
A front-row seat at a Sinatra concert or finding
respite on a favorite beach is now a reality—well,
a virtual one—for Legacy Willow Bend residents.
Created by Dallas-based MyndVR, the virtual-reality
platform was developed specifically for the senior
population to teleport them back to their pasts and
recover memories in the process.

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