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Prospective residents of The Legacy Midtown
Park needn’t walk the grounds or even tap into
their imaginations for a sneak peek at the new
property. Senior living counselors have a new sales
tool at their fingertips—ENGRAIN, an interactive
real estate software program with touchscreen
technology that allows them to present images,
video presentations, and check inventory
availability and pricing. Users can enlarge, swipe,
and move elements side-by-side for comparisons,
view the portfolio of amenities, and map out their
future apartment relative to the community as a
whole. Engrain not only helps interested parties
better visualize the completed product, but it also
elevates the appointment to a concierge-style
experience. The Legacy Willow Bend has plans to
implement the technology in the near future. To see
Engrain in action, visit
Pharmacy 2.0
& Inspired
Improving and maintaining cognitive health is just a
touchscreen away for Legacy Willow Bend residents.
With the picture-based digital interface It’s Never
too Late, or iN2L for short, seniors can test their
knowledge with trivia games and brainteasers, learn
how to play the piano, or even create their very own
masterpiece on the oversized digital canvas.
A never-ending supply of content—intellectual
stimulation, social and physical engagement,
emotional support, and vocational interests—can be
customized for each resident. The platform allows
family members to engage with their loved one,
too, by uploading photos, games, sharing items of
interest, and chatting over web cam. The technology,
which can be used individually or in a group, has
been proven to elevate mood and boost focus, while
decreasing staff programming and planning time.
Intuitive and interactive, the memory-support tool
stimulates the senior’s senses, allowing them to
have plenty of fun in the process.
A veritable ATM machine for dispensing meds, the APS
unit (Advanced Pharmacy Solutions), now a fixture at
The Legacy Willow Bend campus, takes efficiency to
the next level. Initially adopted to lower operating costs,
the dispensary’s real benefit is the substantial time
it saves nurses. Instead of pushing carts, punching
pill cards, and completing drug-destruction tasks,
caregivers can spend their time tending to the needs
of residents and their families and returning to the
erstwhile days of bedside nursing.
The unit prepares oral, solid medications into multidose packages, sorted by patient name and dosage
time, and dispenses them vending-machine-style to
nurses in real time. APS units reduce drug waste and
lower hospital readmission rates, while simplifying the
process for patients, clinical staff, and the billing office.

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