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Assistance Fund
We established the Financial
Assistance Fund to further our
commitment to making our
services available to those unable
to pay. Partnering with the Jewish
community and the entire Legacy
community, we will grow our
endowment to ensure we have
the resources available to assist
those in need.
Share the Love
Turn gratitude into action by contributing to the GRATEFUL HEARTS program,
which gives residents and their families, patients, and clients the opportunity
to recognize caregivers or other Legacy staff members for rendering excellent
care or service. Through this program, donors can also support The Legacy
Senior Communities Employee Appreciation Fund, which rewards staff with
scholarships for continuing education or professional development and
provides holiday gifts in recognition of outstanding work.
When people ask me about
The Legacy Willow Bend, I tell them
that if you need a retirement home, you could
not find a better one! One factor that makes
the Legacy so very special is the employees.
They are always there for you and willing
to go the extra mile to help you.
-Elinor Benton
Annual Fund
The Legacy Senior Communities
Foundation Annual Fund allows
LSC to continue providing seniors
and their families the highest
standard of care and services,
while always looking forward for
innovations in care, technology,
and valuable community
partnerships. These unrestricted
funds allow LSC to respond to its
communities’ most urgent needs.
Clockwise, from left: Lorelei Piñeda
and Eve Sonik; Charlotte Benson and
Lisa Harris; Derek Anderson, Laura Levy
and Rediet Bekele
Leadership Circle
of Giving
Join The Legacy Leadership
Circle of Giving, launching in
2020. Annual gifts of $1,000
or more qualify donors for
membership in the Leadership
Circle of Giving, which includes
special recognition and an
annual gathering of thanks and
For more information on ways you can support LSC, please email our Director of Development
Andrea Statman at, or visit
Carol & Steve Aaron
Suzanne Ablon
Lisa & Jim Albert
Ruth Altman
Marlene Amis
Andres Construction
Marion Armstrong
Greta Beckerman
Kathy & Gary Bedard
Charlotte & Henry Benson
Elinor Benton
Maureen & Michael Berger
Sheryl & Gordon Bogen
Selma Bookatz
Joan Boruszak
Roberta Calderon
Susie and Joel Carp
Christina Chan
Gail Chapman
Arleen Chodroff
Lilli Cirillo*
Josephine Clapp
Janine Cohen
Minnie Cohen
Shirley Cohen
Artyce Colen
Carol & Hal Colvin
Community Foundation of New Jersey
Joan Cook
Miriam & Al Creemer
Sundra Culver
Dallas Jewish Community Foundation
Linda Daniel
Phyllis Dembicer
Nadine & Marco DePalma
Gail DiDonato
Beth & John Dixon
Jean Dorans & Anne Sullivan
Jeffrey Dworkin
Sandra Dworkin
John Edstrom
Jeanette Einhorn
Marcia & Martin Epner
Levon Ezell
Beatrice Joy Fendel
Marilyn Fiedelman
Patti Fields
Joanne Frankenfeld
Jo Frie
Dorothy Garsson
Marion & Bennett Glazer
Jane & Fred Gold
Larry Golman
Bob Gorsky
Milli & Leonard Gorsky
Bennett Greenfield
Kay & David Grishman
Stephanie & Barry Grossman
Ruth* & Herbert* Halpern
Shari & Aaron Handler
Violet Hansen
Dot & Basil Haymann
R.J. Heidenheimer
Gilda Hesdorffer
Hanna Hochster
Nancy Hofstetter
Joyce Howay
Esme & Errol Jacobson
Alex Jonas
Stephanie & Thomas Jones
Lorraine Kaas
Cynthia Kaye
Betty & John Kensinger
James Knochel
Florence Kramer
Carol & Mark Kreditor
V. Ailsa Kull
Alan Kurzman
Karen & Mickey Kurzman
Charmaine Lampert
Rita Lane
Betty Larson
Dorothy & Fred Lauten
Marilyn Lemont
Mona Lener
Mark Lester
Sharon & Chuck Levin
Ann & Nate Levine
Laura & Barry Levy
Liz & Robert Liener
Ruth & Martin Litwin
Patricia Magadini
Jane & Michael Margulies
Helen Masten
Mattie Maultsby
Suzanne & Peter Mayo
Nancy & Robert McCreary
Patsy McElroy
Joe McIlhaney
Stanley Mefford
Nate Meiches
Marjorie Milkes
Bette Miller
Judy Minkin
Elsa & Keith Mond
Shirley Morris
Carol & Stuart Morse
Lucy & Ebb Munden
Eda Narosov
Ann O’Brien
Karol & David Ohman
Melissa & Max Orth
Barbara & James Patton
Trevor & Elaine Pearlman
Marilyn Pruitt
Janice & Richard Pullman
Terry Purchal
Raelaine & Paul Radnitz
Robbie Raphael
Selma Raphael
Helene Ray
Lavonne Raymond
Wilson & Toby Reaves
Rosella Reinthal
Sarah Reuler
Sandi & Roger Rian
Murray Rice
Sandra Richards
Jennie Richardson
Hannah Rigler
Raymond Rinker
George Robinson
Annette Rosen
Marjorie Rosenfield
Matthew Rosenstein
Rita & Buddy Rosenthal
Jon Ross
Lynne & Mark Rossow
*October 2018–September 2019
*of blessed memory
Esther Rothenberg
George Rothkopf
Rita Rubenstein
Elise Rubenstein
Jessie Sackler
Yvonne Saglione
Kitty Satinsky
Cathy & Martin Schaffer
Richard Schell
Fredrick Schmidt
Sarah & Lee Schmidt
Daniel Setter
Vicki Shepard
Carla Sherman
Susan Shipley
Sara Shipper
Mona Shoemate
Jane Shook
Bruce & Deborah Smith
Shirley Smith
Joanne & Win Smith
Barnett Solomon
Elaine Solomon
Eva Sonik
Andrea & Ben Statman
Judy & Donald Steine
Gloria Steinman
Ann Studdard
Anne Sullivan
Antonio Tello
The Aunties of Frank Robertson
Lois Turnbull
Lynn Wagner
Lillie Walker
DeAnn & Michael Watson
Jean & Bob Weinfeld
Helga & Gerardo Weinstein
Mary & Michael West
Natalie Wien
Jane Winer
Gay Winter
Jeanine & Charles Wofford
Eugene Yoss
Wendy & Jack Zigler

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