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Our Board Members
The leadership guiding our organization and shaping our future
Jerry Rasansky, LSC Chair
Carol Aaron*
Michael Becker
Bruce Bernbaum
Harley Cohen
Michael Cohen
Seth Davidow
Sandy Donsky
David Eisenberg
Mariam Feist
Doug French
Michael Friedman*
Linda Garner
Mike Glazer
Marion Glazer
Robert Goldberg
Neil Goldberg
Dot Haymann
Jack Jacobsen
Amy Jones
Michael Kane
Sandy Kaufman
Amy Korenvaes
Charmaine Lampert
Paul Michaels, Chair
Sandy Donsky
Linda Garner
Mark Girson
Mike Glazer
Leslie Zale Greco
Amy Jones
Charmaine Lampert
Joe Milkes
Mark Schachter
Karla Steinberg
Jerry Rasansky, LSC Chair
Melissa Orth, LSC CEO
Sharon Levin
Stuart Morse
Jeff Rasansky
Maddy Unterberg
Jerry Rasansky, LSC Chair
Melissa Orth, LSC CEO
Bradley Laye
Sharon Levin
Liz Liener
Fraser Marcus
Paul Michaels
Robert Miller*
Stuart Morse*
Cindy Moskowitz
Robert Pollock*
Stephanie Prescott
Gerald Ray*
Helen Risch
Buddy Rosenthal*
AJ Rosmarin
Cary Rossel*
Josh Skora
Marc Stanley*
Andrea Statman*
Karla Steinberg Mike
Marc Zale
Melissa Orth, LSC CEO
Dot Haymann, Chair
David Eisenberg
Any Korenvaes
Irving Prengler
Stephanie Prescott
Helen Risch
Robert Rosen
Ruthy Rosenberg
Cary Rossel
Larry Strauss
Jerry Rasansky, LSC Chair
Melissa Orth, LSC CEO
Carol Aaron, Chair
Bruce Bernbaum
Michael Cohen
Doug French
Marion Glazer
Neil Goldberg
Mark Kreditor
Bradley Laye
Liz Liener
Fraser Marcus
Buddy Rosenthal
Mark Zale
Oren Zebaida
Jerry Rasansky, LSC Chair
Melissa Orth, LSC CEO
Marc Stanley, Chair
Carol Aaron
Linda Garner
Marion Glazer
Alan Goldfarb
Aaron Handler
Robert Herman
Alan Klein
*Former LSC Board Chair
If you’re interested in LSC leadership opportunities, contact Marc Stanley,
LSC Trusteeship Committee chair, at
Chair of the Board of Trustees of
The Legacy Senior Communities
Golden Acres was a treasured resource for Dallas’
Jewish community for many years. I have fond
memories of my mom and dad taking me to visit
relatives and family friends who were residents; and its
annual Purim carnival was always a much-anticipated
event. Never would I have dreamed that my childhood
memories would come circling back, serving as a board
member for The Legacy Senior Communities for the
past 18 years and now as its board chair.
Though the organization has undergone a name change,
one thing remains: a commitment to excellence in
providing care to our Jewish seniors and their families.
Over the years, I have witnessed immense growth—the
opening of The Legacy Willow Bend, launching new
services, and even the construction on a beautiful new
campus, The Legacy Midtown Park—all thanks to my
talented predecessors, board members, our dedicated
staff, and the generosity of the Jewish Federation of
Greater Dallas, along with our Jewish community.
We celebrated 65 years of milestones at this year’s Yes!
Event, including the groundbreaking of the Midtown
Park campus. With the continued generosity from the
Jewish community, we’ll not only expand our footprint,
but will also be able to provide support to those in need
through our Financial Assistance Fund. We look forward
to working with you in building this fund so that we are
able to provide senior care services regardless of one’s
ability to pay.
In addition to the opening of LMP, we continue to update
our Willow Bend campus so that it remains as beautiful
as it was when it opened more than 10 years ago. Other
priorities include expanding our services outside
the walls of these communities through The Legacy
at Home, along with our recently launched hospice
program. We are excited by the opportunity to serve all
area Jewish seniors, no matter where they live.
Through our newly developed strategic planning
initiative and a commitment to upholding Jewish
values, we are striving to live up to what our name
stands for: creating a legacy of care that spans another
65 years and beyond and providing our Jewish seniors
with a place they can proudly call home.

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