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Introducing LifeCall
The most important call you’ll ever make
Are you prepared for an unexpected emergency? Is your
loved one? What will you do if you are alone and you fall,
get hurt, or need emergency help? Many people can benefit
from having a LifeCall system. Medical alert systems
are beneficial for seniors who wish to continue living
independently in their own home, as well as people of any
age who live alone, those who have elevated risks of falling,
and young people with disabilities.
Emergency Help with the Press of a Button
Personal emergency response systems (IPERS), such as
those offered by LifeCall, can help older adults to remain
independent and in their own homes. The devices also are
reassuring to adult children who know that if an aging parent
suffers a fall or, worse, a stroke or heart attack, immediate
help and medical attention will be summoned.
In the case of an emergency, appropriate assistance can be
dispatched with the simple press of a button on an alarm
worn around the neck or wrist. Then, based on response
(or lack thereof) they dispatch EMTs, fire, police or family,
friends and neighbors.
The Four Main Categories of Products Offered are as
Standard: LifeCall Basic System for seniors and at risk
persons who spend most of their time at home alone.
Advanced: LifeCall Fall Alert System detects when a fall
occurs and promptly signals an emergency response center
to send the help that is needed.
Cellular: LifeCall Wireless System designed for users
who desire protection in an emergency but do not have a
traditional phone line.
Mobile: LifeCall Mobile Alert System for active users who
desire protection in an emergency at home and away from
LifeCall systems are affordable and reliable
Lifecall offers high quality products and services that can
be talored to meet your individual needs. LifeCall is rated
A+ by the Better Business Bureau
and their systems are strongly
recommended by doctors, hospitals
and healthcare pofessionals.
LifeCall requires no equipment
purchase, no activation or
cancellation fees, no long-term contracts, and offers a
lifetime price guarantee. Plans start at less than $1 per day.
Over 40 years of experience
Our team of personal emergency response system experts
has delivered life safety and security solutions to healthcare
facilities and families throughout the United States since
For more information, please call 1-866-290-1234, or
visit www.lifecall.com.
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Michael Cibene is an appraiser with over 36 years experience and has personally
appraised over 18,000 properties in South Florida.
Appraisals are needed before you list a house, make an offer, for legal purposes (such
as divorce or probate), and financing. Everyone has an opinion of what your property
is worth, but you could be leaving money on the table. It would make sense to hire a certified
appraiser from a designated appraiser from the Appraisal Institute.
After graduating from the University of Miami, Michael Cibene was the youngest
designated appraiser in America. Michael is currently serving as the President of
the South Florida Chapter of the Appraisal Institute.
Please visit our website: www.cibenerealty.com
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Abeles & Heymann (A&H) The venerable provisions manufacture www.abeles-heymann.com
produces a line of Glatt Kosher hot dogs and deli meats including reduced fat, uncured no nitrate
or nitrite added hot dogs; all beef hot dogs, cocktail franks, chipotle franks, kishka, salami, beef
fry, knockwurst, cervelat, corned beef and pastrami.
As featured in The Forward, The Nibble, New Jersey Monthly, The Wall Street Journal and The
Supermarket Guru, A & H hot dogs are consistently voted as the “Top Dog” in America because they are produced in small
batches, use only premium quality ingredients and are slow cooked to perfection. The complete line of provisions has been
made using old world recipes to ensure the superb taste and quality the company has been known for since 1954. The
products are always packaged with purity of ingredients that meet the highest standards
Abeles & Heymann premium deli products can be found at many Costco and BJ’s, national chain supermarkets
such as Publix and Winn Dixie, fine Kosher independent stores in Florida, Kosher Kingdom, South Florida
Kosher Meats, The Grove, Glick’s, Sylvia’s, Aroma Market Place, Sarah’s Tent, Kosher Price, KiKo, Kastner’s, Gold
Kosher as well as kosher stores coast to coast and online at www.abeles-heymann.com
It all started in 1954, when Oscar Abeles & Leopold Heymann opened their small manufacturing site in the Bronx, NY known as
Abeles & Heymann. In 1997, Seth Leavitt and his attorney cousin David Flamholz took over the business from Mr. Heymann, who
stayed on for over a year to teach the two young guys how to make hot dogs among other things, in the Bronx facility.
After growing exponentially, A&H relocated to a state-of-the-art facility in Hillside, New Jersey where they continue to operate.
All Abeles & Heymann products are certified glatt kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU), Kehillah Kashrus and Rabbi Yecheil Babad.
For additional information about Abeles & Heymann, or to use their store locator, go to: www.abeles-heymann.com. Like them
on FB www.facebook.com/abeles.heymann and follow them on Instagram www.instagram.com/abelesheymann/
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