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The Global Home for Jewish Genealogy
Tens of Millions of Jewish Records
The JewishGen Unified Database Search includes more than
26 million records: 8 million records from the Family Tree of the Jewish People;
5 million records from Jewish Records Indexing - Poland; and 13 million historical
records from 750+ datasets created by JewishGen.
Your Ancestral Town
The JewishGen Communities Database contains information about 6,000 Jewish
communities in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. This database contains
each community’s name in various languages, and political jurisdictions during
different time periods.
What Life Was Like For Your Ancestors
Yizkor Books – Aims to translate Yizkor (memorial) books, predominantly written after
the Holocaust, into English. KehilaLinks – Aims to create “virtual” Yizkor Books online,
by creating web pages for individual towns, and uploading items such as pictures,
maps, personal recollections, and research data.
On the JewishGen Discussion Group
The JewishGen.org Discussion Group welcomes and unites Jewish genealogical
researchers worldwide as they share information, ideas, methods, tips, techniques,
and resources: ViewMate where users can post photographs and documents online;
and Family Pages allows researchers to create their own family webpage.
Join our Volunteer Team
It is only with the support and dedication of our volunteers that we are able to help
the thousands of family researchers throughout the world who so desperately rely
on our services. Your involvement will help us continue our mission of preserving our
history for future generations.
Support our important work
The JewishGen General Fund is the key which provides the resources for such
ongoing projects as: The JewishGen Family Finder | The Family Tree of the Jewish
People | The JewishGen Communities Database | JewishGen KehilaLinks | JewishGen
Yizkor Book Translation Project | JewishGen’s Holocaust Database.
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