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cha i Li f e li n e • C a m e lot Co m m u n i t y ca r e
Children with cancer • Social Services
A child’s illness impacts so many people.
Chai Lifeline helps them all.
Chai Lifeline’s comprehensive emotional and social support enables patients and
their families to meet the crises and challenges of pediatric illness, loss, or trauma.
305.956.9990 • www.chailifeline.org
2699 Stirling Rd, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312
and counseling to groundbreaking initiatives that
help hospitalized and homebound children maintain
all-important connections to school and friends.
Services such as therapeutic recreation for children,
parents and families are also provided. Two acclaimed
summer camps, Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha
Special bring the magic of overnight camping to more
than 400 seriously ill children and teens imbuing their
lives with hope and joy, and alleviating the pain and
isolation of illness.
When a child is born or diagnosed with a serious illness,
the entire family feels the pain. Chai Lifeline provides
crucial emotional, social, and financial assistance that
enables each member to cope with the diagnosis,
treatment and long term challenges of life threatening
illnesses or debilitating chronic and genetic conditions.
For more information please call our southeast office at
305 956-9990 or visit our website at www.chailifeline.org.
Chai Lifeline’s wide network of services include more
than two dozen, year-round programs. They range from
professional case management, insurance advocacy,
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Change a Lifetime
or over 30 years, the non-profit Camelot Community Care has been serving children and
families experiencing abuse, neglect, behavioral health and substance abuse issues.We accomplish
our mission of enabling children and families to realize their fullest potential by stopping the
cycle of abuse and neglect in families and in our community. No child should have to recover
from their childhood and you can join us in keeping children safe and creating a bright future for
our most important resource.
There are many ways to contribute. One way is to become a Treatment Foster Parent. Our
foster parents receive training, on-call support and monthly stipends.
To learn more, please visit us at www.camelotcommunitycare.org
or call Miami/Dade and Broward: 954-958-0988 x37004, Palm Beach: 561-649-0877.
Locations also in Sarasota, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville.
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