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map and jewish demographics
Clearwater • Gulfport • Largo • Palm Harbor • Safety Harbor • Seminole • Springhill
St. Petersburg • Tarpon Springs • Brandon • Sun City Center • Tampa • Lakeland
Pinellas & Pasco Counties contain 36,600 persons living in 18,000 Jewish households as
of 2017. Of these 36,600 persons, 27,900 are Jewish.
In Pinellas County, there was an increase of 2,300 Jewish households but a decrease of 1,750 Jews since 1994.
These changes are due to: 1) an increase in the median age (from 45.9 years in 1994 to 62.3 years in 2017)
which led to a decrease in households size and, 2) increasing intermarriage (from 29% of married couples
being intermarried in 1994 to 56% of married couples being intermarried in 2017) which led to an increase
in households.
35% of Jewish households live in South Pinellas (St. Petersburg), 11% live in Central Pinellas, and 35% live
in North Pinellas (Clearwater).
Only 7% of adults in Jewish households were born in Pinellas/Pasco and 13% are foreign born.
44% (16,300 persons) are age 65 and over, including 17% who are age 75 and over. The 44% makes Pinellas/
Pasco the fourth oldest of 45 American Jewish communities. 8% (3,000 persons) are age 17 and under, the
lowest percentage of 45 American Jewish communities.
Of the 18,000 Jewish households, 10% contain children age 0-17; 31%, a single person living alone (including 20% who are age 65 and over), and 37%, a married couple with no children living at home.
60% of adults have a college degree, including 29% who have a graduate degree. The median household
income is $87,000 (in 2017 dollars), up from $70,000 in 1994 (in 2016 dollars).
3% of households are Orthodox, 21% are Conservative, 30% are Reform, and 47% are just Jewish. 42% of
Jewish adults never attend synagogue services and 17% attend once per month or more.
15% of households are synagogue members, 33% of households participated in some activity at a synagogue in the past year. 10% of households participated in some activity sponsored by Chabad in the past
year. 15% of households are members of some Jewish organization, such as B’nai B’rith or Hadassah.
34% of households have visited Israel, including 12% who visited on a trip with a Jewish organization or
synagogue. The 34% is the lowest of about 25 American Jewish communities. 19% of households with Jewish children have sent at least one of those children to Israel.
17% of respondents are extremely attached to Israel; 26%, very; 38%, somewhat; and 19% are not attached.
14% of Jewish adults experienced anti-Semitism in Pinellas/Pasco in the past year. 42% of Jewish adults
perceive a great deal or a moderate amount of anti-Semitism in Pinellas/Pasco.
52% of households donated to a Jewish charity in the past year; 69%, to a non-Jewish charity; and 29% to
the Jewish Federation. The average donation to the local Jewish Federation in 2016 was $66.
25% of adults are Republican, 56% are Democrats, and 19% are Independents.
Source: Sheskin, Ira M., The 2017 Pinellas/Pasco Jewish Population Study: A Portrait of the Pinellas/Pasco Jewish Community (2017)
(Largo: The Jewish Federation of Pinellas and Pasco Counties). Reports are available at www.jewishdatabank.org.
Hillsborough/Tampa Counties,
28,200 persons live in 11,750 Jewish households in Hillsborough County. Of the 28,200 persons in Jewish households, 23,000 persons (82%) are Jewish. Within
Hillsborough County, 46% of Jewish households live in South Tampa, 26% in North Tampa, 18% in East and
South County, and 10% in New Tampa.
From 1994-2000, the number of Jewish households in Hillsborough County increased by 650 households
(6%), from 11,100 households to 11,750 households. In Hillsborough County, significant growth occurred in
South Tampa and a significant decrease occurred in North Tampa.
Source: Sheskin, Ira M. Jewish Population of Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco Counties, 2010 (St. Petersburg: Menorah Manor).
Report is available at www.jewishdatabank.org.
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