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Places of Interest
Places of Interest
The Golan Heights is a large, barren
piece of land on the North-East tip of
Israel. Many battles have been fought
here, and you can still see some of
the remains from them.
The Banias Waterfall is the largest
waterfall in Israel. This beautiful
part of Israel is located in the Upper
Masada is an ancient fortification on
the side of a rocky plateau. It is
located on the Eastern side of the
Judaean Desert. Masada was built
over 2000 years ago.
The Judaean Desert is a desert that
lies East of Jerusalem and stretches
to the Dead Sea. It has many ravines,
some as deep as 1200 feet.
The Dome of the Rock is a shrine
located on the Temple Mount in Old
Jerusalem. It is one of Jerusalem’s
most recognizable landmarks.
No trip to Israel is complete without
a visit to the Dead Sea. Located in
Western Israel, it is one of the
world’s saltiest bodies of water, and
it is Earth’s lowest elevation on land.
Yad Vashem is Israel’s official
memorial to the Holocaust and to all
oaf the Jewish people who perished in
this horrible tragedy. Yad Vashem was
first established in 1953.
The Temple Mount is probably one of
the most religious sites for Jewish
People in all of Jerusalem. It is
regarded as “the place where G-d’s
divine presence is manifested more
than any other place”. It is believed
that this is the place where Abraham
offered his son Isaac and the site of
the two Jewish temples.
The Western Wall is in Old Jerusalem
in the Temple Mount. Jewish people
pray very often here and they put
notes inside of its cracks, they feel
their prayers pass through the wall
on the way to G-d. As is the case with
the Dome of the Rock, the Western
Wall is another one of Jerusalem’s
most recognizable landmarks.
The Sea of Galilee, also known
as Lake Tiberias, is the largest
freshwater lake in all of Israel. It
is also the second lowest lake in
the world (the Dead Sea being the
first). The Jordan River flows into
the Sea of Galilee.
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