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At the heart of a sustainable future is the ability to
empower the next generation with increased access to
quality education. ORT is breaking through social and
economic barriers to transform lives.
For 140 years, ORT’s global educational network of
schools, colleges, and international programs propel more
than 300,000 students in 35 countries to develop careers
and lead fulfilling, independent lives. ORT’s schools and
programs reach under-served students by bridging the gap
between aptitude and opportunity, as we work to expand
knowledge, build autonomy, and strengthen Jewish identity
In Israel, World ORT Kadima Mada (“Science Journey”)
programs focus on empowering disadvantaged students in
the country’s under-resourced periphery to become selfsufficient and gain confidence in their ability to succeed.
ORT’s innovative programs and quality instruction in science,
technology, engineering and math (STEM) empower
students with translatable knowledge and transferable skills
that meet the demands of the 21st-century job market.
israel agencies
In Europe, the Former Soviet Union and Latin America, ORT
expands access to high quality STEM education, while
simultaneously enriching individuals’ Jewish identities.
In the process, ORT is bringing back to life a religious
and cultural experience that was lost to many regions for
Together we are bridging the gap between aptitude and
opportunity. Join the ORT America Florida Region and help
us create impact through education. For more information
call 561-997-1071, email Risaacson@ortamerica.org or
visit our website www.ORTamerica.org
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Largest Jewish
Women’s Organization
Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization
of America, Inc., is the largest Jewish
women’s organization in the United States.
With 330,000 members, associates and
supporters, including 50,000 in Florida,
Hadassah brings Jewish women together to
effect change and advocate on critical issues
such as medical care and research, women’s
empowerment, and the security of Israel.
Through the Hadassah Medical Organization’s
two hospitals, the world-renowned trauma
center and the leading research facility in
Jerusalem, Hadassah enhances the health of
people worldwide and supports the delivery
of exemplary patient care to over a million
people every year. HMO serves without regard
to race, religion or nationality and earned a
Nobel Peace Prize Nomination in 2005 for
building “bridges to peace” through equality
in medical treatment.
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AMIT is Transforming the Educational
Landscape in Israel
AMIT is “the” revolutionary learning community that educates over 36,000
children in Israel by providing the tools for them to succeed in the 21st century.
Whether it’s STEM, high-tech, or vocational, our kids are getting a state-of-the-art education with real-life experiences no matter
where they live or their socioeconomic situation. At AMIT, each child is treated as an individual, their strengths identified, and
their weaknesses tackled. It doesn’t matter whether it is educational, emotional, nutritional or a combination of all three. “No
child is left behind,” is not a slogan, it’s the essence of AMIT. Teachers and principals aren’t only concerned with grades, they are
inculcating values, helping the students tackle real challenges in their lives and empowering them to be Israel’s future leaders.
The success stories and numbers speak for themselves: 86% matriculation rate (compared to 70% nationwide), 97%
enter the IDF or perform national service, 1,900 students with disabilities are mainstreamed, with almost 300,000 graduates. “We
want to change the outlook on education to one that suits the 21st century, and to transform schools into educational communities
that develop mature, empowered, creative, and entrepreneurial students,” said Dr. Amnon Eldar, AMIT’s director general.
Also, no small feat, AMIT was just ranked the number one educational network for the third consecutive year by Israel’s
Ministry of Education.
AMIT, the #1 educational network in Israel providing innovative, Jewish values–based education, is having a life-changing
impact on more than 36,000 children, 70% of whom live in the socioeconomic or geographic periphery. www.amitchildren.org
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