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R a b b i Pac ko u z
Rabbi Kalman Packouz
Shalom – My name is Rabbi Yitzchak Zweig and it is with deep sadness and regret
that I must inform you of the untimely passing of my beloved friend and mentor, Rabbi
Kalman Packouz, of blessed memory l’’cz rwdgyba !bwar !b hXm !mlq bE rh
Rabbi Packouz passed away Friday night, under remarkable circumstances which I
will share below. Rabbi Packouz has asked me to carry on his monumental work of bringing
the light of the Almighty to the world and returning His children to their spiritual roots. I
am humbled by the magnitude of this responsibility.
I was fortunate enough to have a standing breakfast meeting with him every week
for the last twenty-seven years. Even if one of us was out of town we often had a “Skype”
meeting. He frequently told me that I knew more about him than he knew himself. There is
not enough space here to share what an extraordinary human being my beloved friend was.
Friday night, (November 15) at about 8:30, his wife Shoshana went to check on
him. As she stood there he opened his eyes and stared to a spot over her shoulder and uttered his first words in days (and his last words on this earth) – “Hi Ma!” (his mother had
passed away this past April). He then opened his eyes really wide and they began to shine
with an intense light. Startled, his wife turned around, for she was sure that his eyes were
reflecting some light behind her – but when she looked there was none.
He then passed away. His pure soul leaving his physical body and returning to his
Maker was evidenced by the bright light in his eyes – and he was met on his final journey
by his mother who came to accompany him. Rabbi Kalman Packouz, of blessed memory,
was a true tzaddik – a righteous individual – and the world is a far poorer place without him.
He was deeply devoted to his loyal “Shabbat Shalom Fax of Life” readers; so much
so that he even began to prepare his “final fax.” He had mentioned it to me several months
ago and it took some time to find it in his vast archives. Never one to mince words, it was
aptly titled: “Death.” As you will see – he didn’t get very far, but I wish to be faithful to his
final wishes so I am copying what he wrote:
GOOD MORNING! By the time you read this, I will be dead. I’ve
always loved that opening line — full of power, no beating around the bush ... right to
the punch line! However, my wife never had the same affinity for it. I asked her, “So, how
should I start out, ‘It was a dark and stormy night?’”
With Deep Appreciation to my wife Shoshana
All that I have accomplished I owe to her. My eternal gratitude for raising our
family. Everything she does is done with love, caring, and joy. My thanks to the Almighty
that she married me.
May his memory be a blessing for the entirety of the Jewish people who he loved
so dearly.
I had the privilege of meeting Rabbi Packouz...not enough words to describe what a wonderful man
he was...and often my go to person for assistance. He was one of a kind and will be missed by all.
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