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We Must Never Forget!
The Holocaust Documentation and Education Center (HDEC) has been devoted to documenting the memory of the Holocaust and educating today’s generation about the
dangers of bigotry, hatred, and intolerance for the past 36 years.
The museum has been central in collecting over 2,500 oral histories of Survivors, liberators, and
rescuers as well as artifacts, photographs, and documents that provide invaluable eyewitness
accounts to the story of the Holocaust. The museum also features a unique combination of two
iconic artifacts – a Railcar and an American Sherman Tank that liberated Dachau – that provide
impactful moments of reflection for visitors.
Renderings for the HDEC Holocaust Museum
Presented by World Renown Museum Designer, Patrick Gallagher of Gallagher & Associates
Interactive Educational Outreach Learning Center
The Oral History Interactive Center
Resistance: Courageous Acts in Desperate Times
The Final Solution
Remembering The Children
The Holocaust Documentation & Education Center, Inc.
To learn more please contact: Rositta E. Kenigsberg, President
Holocaust Documentation & Education Center
303 North Federal Highway, Dania Beach, Florida 33004
P: 954.929.5690 ext 201 • F: 954.929.5635
email: Rositta@hdec.org • website: www.hdec.org
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