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mohalim • brit milah • circumcision
Congratulations, it’s a boy!
Now you have 8 days to plan a brit milah.
sterilization procedures, being a Mohel requires even more
than surgical and medical skills. Jewish law sees the
moment of Brit Milah as having a great spiritual impact
upon the child.
A brit milah is one of those rare Jewish life cycle rituals that
can, in fact on occasion, must be performed on a Shabbat
or festival, even Yom Kippur; eight days is eight days.
However, if the brit milah needs to be postponed
because of the baby’s health, the rescheduled
event cannot take place on a Shabbat or
festival. If it cannot happen on the eighth day,
the timing is no longer considered sufficiently
imperative to risk the violations of traditional
Shabbat practices that could potentially be
The baby should be dressed in something that can
be easily and completely pulled up above his waist
and then lowered again. It may help to have a
pacifier handy as well.
The ceremony itself takes about 15 minutes. After
the procedure, a blessing over wine is recited and
the baby is given his Hebrew name. Sometimes,
the father and mother will offer a few words about the
significance of the name they have chosen. The celebration
of a new life, a new beginning, is an unparalleled joy, not only
for family and friends, but also for the entire Jewish nation.
He is now a full-fledged member of our people.
Every Brit Milah must be performed by a properly
trained and certified Mohel (Ritual Circumciser). A
Mohel is formally trained in circumcision techniques as
well as in Jewish law and tradition. While he certainly must
be an expert in the latest medically approved surgical and
Mohalim (circumcisers) Miami-Dade - Broward - Palm Beach
Dr. Michael Andron
(305) 654-9888
Rabbi Yitzchak Mayer Selmar
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Dr. Abraham Benyunes
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Dr. Howard Weinberg
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Bar Mitzvah
& Birth
A soul becomes a life
A boy becomes
responsible to fulfill all
Torah commandments
at the age of 13
Brit Milah
The Jewish
Mazel Tov! It’s a boy.
The covenant of
When soulmates tap
into the singular soul
they share lives
Growing Old
Pidyon Haben
The Torah considers
old age a virtue and a
Redeeming the
Firstborn son
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