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Leg Swelling Is Shown To Put More Strain On The Heart
Swelling in the legs is very common. Most of us have seen people with
puffy ankles; just look at the people around you the next time you visit the
doctor. As we age the chances of swelling increases. The pressure of gravity
Years pulling blood downward, day after day, year after year, causes our veins to
stretch and the one way valves meant to help bring the blood back up to the
heart are pulled open allowing blood to pool in the legs. Fluid has weight and
when it sits in the legs the heart is forced to create more of a blood pressure to
pull it back up against gravity. It is not surprising that the most commonly prescribed form of high Pamela Cohen
blood pressure medication is a diuretic or “water pill”– reduce the fluid in the legs and reduce the RPT-CLT/Lana
pressure. “The problem is that diuretics put tremendous strain on the kidneys,” says Pamela Cohen
RPT-CLT/LANA, a Certified Lymphatic Physical Therapist and owner of LymphaTx, a practice that for over 20 years has
specialized solely in swelling reduction and Lymphedema Therapy. “I liken diuretics to having a hole in a boat and you’re
bailing – eventually you get tired and you need a second person to help bail – that’s when your diuretic gets increased.”
Combined Decongestive Physiotherapy is a great way to promote healthy circulation and heart health.
Cohen and the other Certified Therapists at LymphaTx perform a treatment called Combined Decongestive
Physiotherapy (CDP). CDP is a non-invasive, gentle treatment that safely and effectively reduces swelling. Cohen states
that, “CDP helps the overwhelmed Venous System – basically treating the source of the problem and effectively plugging
that hole in the boat.” Combined Decongestive Physiotherapy is a great way to promote healthy circulation and
heart health.
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