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Dr. Charles Gelfman has been practicing general internal medicine
in Boca Raton since 1990 and is currently a partner in Boca Raton Physicians,
PA – a well-known and highly respected concierge practice with a strong
emphasis on preventive care.
It is well known that people live longer, healthier and higher quality lives
when they undertake preventive rather than “crisis” care. Preventive care
Dr. Charles Gelfman includes, but is not limited to dietary advice, treatment of elevated cholesterol
and hypertension, smoking cessation, administration of the influenza, pneumonia and shingles vaccines, facilitation of colonoscopy screenings, bone density scans and regular mammograms.
As a concierge member of his practice, in addition to receiving the perks of preventive
care, you will receive same or next-day appointments, 24/7 access to him via phone or text,
hospital care at Boca Raton Regional Hospital, appointments with specialists arranged by him
or his staff, on-site blood testing and a guarantee of no outside coverage.
He prides himself on his unique, patient-centric approach to medicine. It is his belief that
ensuring patients and their families are comfortable will facilitate better results in their care.
If you would like to learn more information about receiving personal concierge care from
him, please feel free to contact his office at (561) 999-3043.
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Excellence in Eye Care
The doctors and staff at the Aker Kasten Eye Center are known for their deep sense of integrity,
remarkable skills and a passion for excellence in all aspects of eye care.
Originally from New York, husband and wife Ann Kasten Aker, MD & Alan B. Aker,
MD founded the Aker Kasten Eye Center in the mid 80’s. They decided to build their own
Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) in order to be able to control every aspect of their patients’
experience from the time they came in to the time they were discharged.
From the clinic on the main floor to the surgical suites on the second floor, every aspect
of patient comfort as well as surgical efficiency was taken into account.
Today, as a recognized premier vision and cataract care center in South Florida, the
Aker Kasten Eye Center delivers the highest quality patient care. Both clinic and surgery center
provide a warm and friendly environment where staff and patients are treated with honor and
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Florida Complete Psychiatry
Florida Complete Psychiatry in Delray Beach, Florida combines both
traditional and alternative medicine to brighten people’s quality of life and
improve their mental health.
Heidi Erickson
The experienced team at Florida Complete Psychiatry offers psychiatric
treatment to both children and adults. In addition to helping people
manage anxiety, depression and the stresses of everyday life, they offer specialized
treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), bipolar disorder and post(See Display Ad Page 91)
traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and so much more.
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