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lower level serves not only the bank employees, but the
entire Marshfield community which achieves Forward
Bank’s goal of providing space for the community.
Photo by: Miller + Miller Photography
Main atrium of the new 55,000 square-foot building
the furniture which was designed to include sit-to-stand
workstations allowing employees control to adjust their
desk environment to suit their physical comfort needs.
When Forward Bank customers visit, they will enjoy
a variety of technology and touch-based interactive display solutions, another design element Redmond added
into the main office. “The bank made huge strides to be
more tech-forward, to stand out among the landscape
of the more ‘traditional’ financial institutions,” Mortier
said, “a lot of interactive technology was incorporated
in the retail space, board room, and community room.”
He mentioned an interactive screen, dubbed by the bank
as “Virtual Sandy,” which greets customers as they enter the building and provides the bank directory. This
feature allows the customer quick access to bank information and an immediate welcome upon entering the
space. Similarly, the community and board rooms both
boast interactive whiteboards which allow the individuals using the boards to run programs with the tap of
their fingers and be connected to the internet. Other enjoyable and unique features incorporated into Forward
Bank’s design revolve around colored lights. The tubes
from the drive-thru are sent down through a shaft surrounded by a backlit translucent surface that can be lit
in a variety of color schemes. Mortier said the lighted
translucent element is an eye-catching design, giving
the branch a memorable, tech-y feel while also helping
to solve a common problem of hiding pneumatic tubes.
Spaces in Forward Bank were also designed to favor office exploration and engagement. Well-designed
spaces can increase employee engagement by up to 20%
while reducing turnover by 40%. In the main office, employees can collaborate with others in the various break
rooms, lounges, and café spaces. An upscale lounge
and board room, along with numerous balconies, were
also incorporated into the building to increase employee satisfaction, collaboration and productivity. “The
café and small conference rooms/break-out rooms offer
employees a spot to have a quick meeting or a change
Along with designing a building that’s efficient for
of work environment,” Mortier said, “soft seating areas employee and customer business operations, it was imoverlooking the lobby on the 2nd and 3rd floors are also portant for Forward Bank to include room for several
some of the more desirable locations in the bank.”
When employees need to step out of the office to
get some fresh air, they can enjoy 6 outdoor patios and
balconies. Many psychological and physical benefits
occur when an individual gets exposure to nature, so
incorporating ways to connect employees to nature is
key. Mortier said many of Forward Bank’s indoor and
outdoor spaces and break areas overlook a park and
tranquility pond with a fountain, offering employees a
great view all year long and the chance to get out of
the office on nice days. A large outdoor patio, complete
with patio furniture and outdoor grill, can be accessed
through the lower level for the bank to utilize. A fitness
room, also located in the lower level, is a welcomed
feature to employees and building tenants for getting
a quick workout in during a lunch break or before/after work hours. A large community room in the bank’s
Great Lakes Banker • June 2018
Photo by: Miller + Miller Photography
Kitchen and break area for employees

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