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Esther D:7
all the doors of the court and stood before the king. He was sitting upon
his royal throne, clothed in his royal robes, resplendent with gold and
precious stones. He was awesome to behold. 7 Looking up, his face blazed
with both royal splendor and fierce anger. The queen staggered, turning
pale and faint, and then leaned weakly upon the shoulder of the maid in
front of her. 8 Then God changed the king’s spirit to become gentle. He
hurried from his throne with concern and lifted her up in his arms until
she came to. He comforted her by saying, 9 “What is the matter, Esther?
I am your husband.* Don’t be afraid. 10 You will not die, for this law was
made for others, not for you. 11 You may approach the throne.*” 12 The
king raised the gold scepter and touched her neck with it. He embraced
her and said, “Speak to me.”
13 She answered, “I saw you, my lord, as an angel of God, and my heart
was fearful because of your glory. 14 For you are wonderful, my lord, and
your face reflects such grace.” 15 While she was speaking, she fainted and
collapsed. 16 The king was very concerned, and all his servants tried to
help her.
Esther’s Request to the King
On the third day of the fast, Esther put on her royal robes and en­
tered the inner court of the palace, just across from the king’s hall.
The king was sitting on his royal throne, facing the entrance. 2 When he
saw Queen Esther standing there in the inner court, he welcomed her
and held out the gold scepter to her. So Esther approached and touched
the end of the scepter.
3 Then the king asked her, “What do you want, Queen Esther? What is
your request? I will give it to you, even if it is half the kingdom!”
4 And Esther replied, “If it please the king, let the king and Haman
come today to a banquet I have prepared for the king.”
5 The king turned to his attendants and said, “Tell Haman to come
quickly to a banquet, as Esther has requested.” So the king and Haman
went to Esther’s banquet.
6 And while they were drinking wine, the king said to Esther, “Now
tell me what you real­ly want. What is your request? I will give it to you,
even if it is half the kingdom!”
7 Esther replied, “This is my request and deepest wish. 8 If I have found
favor with the king, and if it pleases the king to grant my request and
do what I ask, please come with Haman tomorrow to the banquet I will
prepare for you. Then I will explain what this is all about.”
Haman’s Plan to Kill Mordecai
9 Haman was a happy man as he left the banquet! But when he saw Mor­
de­cai sitting at the palace gate, not standing up or trembling nervously
before him, Haman became furious. 10 However, he restrained himself
and went on home.
Then Haman gathered together his friends and Ze­resh, his wife,
11 and boasted to them about his great wealth and his many children.
He bragged about the honors the king had given him and how he had
been promoted over all the other nobles and officials.
12 Then Haman added, “And that’s not all! Queen Esther invited only
me and the king himself to the banquet she prepared for us. And she
has invited me to dine with her and the king again tomorrow!” 13 Then
he added, “But this is all worth nothing as long as I see Mor­de­cai the Jew
just sitting there at the palace gate.”
14 So Haman’s wife, Ze­resh, and all his friends suggested, “Set up a
D:9 Greek your brother. 
D:11 Greek Come near. 
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