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Esther D:6
12 Queen Esther, fearing the mortal danger that was at hand, also
turned to the Lord for help. 13 Taking off her royal robes, she put on
garments suitable for weeping and mourning. Instead of precious
ointments, she covered her head with ashes and dung. She purposely
made herself unattractive and covered her beauty with her tangled and
disheveled hair.
Esther’s Prayer
14 Esther began to pray to the Lord, the God of Israel. She said:
“O my Lord, you alone are our King. Help me, since I am alone and
have no other helper but you—15 and I am about to risk my life.
16 From my earliest days my family and tribe have taught me that
you, O Lord, chose Israel from among all nations. You chose our
ancestors from those who came before them so that they would
be your special possession forever. And you have done all that you
promised them. 17 We have sinned in your sight. You have handed
us over to our enemies 18 because we have worshiped their gods.
You are just, O Lord. 19 But now our enemies are not content to
oppress us with bitter slavery. They have vowed* 20 to abolish the
decree you yourself made, to destroy your special possession, to
close the mouths of those who praise you, and to extinguish the fire
on the altar and the glory of your Temple. 21 By doing this, they will
give the Gentiles cause to praise their worthless idols and to exalt a
mortal king forever.
22 “O Lord, do not surrender the scepter of your rule to gods that
do not even exist. Do not let them laugh at our ruin. Turn their plan
against them and destroy the man* who began this attack against
us. 23 Remember us, O Lord! Show yourself to us in this time of
trouble, and give me boldness, O King of gods and ruler of every
power. 24 Put eloquent words in my mouth in the presence of the
lion, and cause him to hate our enemy so that he may be destroyed
along with those who agree with him. 25 But rescue us by your hand,
and help me, O Lord, for I have no other helper but you.
26 “You know all things. You know that I hate the splendor of
the wicked, and I abhor the bed of the uncircumcised and of any
foreigner. 27 You know what a bind I am in. I hate my crown—that
sign of my proud position—yet I must wear it on my head when
I appear in public. I detest it as a filthy rag and never wear it in
private. 28 I, your servant, have never eaten at Haman’s table, nor
have the king’s banquets ever pleased me, nor have I drunk wine
offered to idols. 29 I am your servant, O Lord God of Abraham. Ever
since I was brought here, I have rejoiced only in you—even to this
day. 30 O God, whose might is greater than all, hear the voice of
those in despair, rescue us from the power of the wicked, and save
me from my fear!”
Esther Visits the King
On the third day of the fast, Esther ended her prayers. She took off
the garments she wore for worship and put on her royal robes.*
2 Dressed in all her splendor, she first called upon the All-Seeing God and
Savior. Then she took two maids with her. 3 She leaned gently upon one
of the maids for support, 4 while the other followed behind, carrying Es­
ther’s flowing train. 5 Her radiant and beautiful countenance made her
look happy, but Esther’s heart was filled with fear. 6 She passed through
C:19 Greek have made a covenant with their idols. 
C:22 Greek make an example of the man. 
D:1 See note at A:1a. 
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