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were ever born, God knew about you and the particular needs you would have.
And because he created you, he fully understands each of those needs. That’s
one of the reasons God’s Word offers help and hope for you.
Turn to the HelpFinder Index now and begin an exciting journey through
the Bible that will offer answers to your deepest needs and questions. Use the
HelpFinder Bible as a resource guide, a devotional Bible, or a topical tool kit,
directing you to places where God’s Word can touch you, heal you, and guide
you. A lifetime of learning and adventure awaits as you search this Bible and
discover how wonderfully our loving God meets your daily needs.
Features of the HelpFinder Bible
This is the most important feature in this Bible. Found here at the front immediately after this user’s guide, the HelpFinder Index makes it easy to discover
what the Bible says about well over a hundred life-needs topics. Each topic is
listed alphabetically and dealt with thoroughly, offering a biblical summary,
several questions that help put your needs into words, and a list of Bible passages to explore. The index also tells you which Bible passages have expanded
notes in the Bible text and shows you a series of Bible promises related to each
topic. In all, the HelpFinder Index thoroughly covers more than one hundred
life-needs topics, gives links for many other related topics, and puts thousands
of connected Bible verses and application notes at your fingertips.
Application Notes
Hundreds of notes are placed at appropriate places in the Bible text and offer
application, insights, inspiration, and encouragement. Each note focuses on
one of the topics covered in the HelpFinder Index, and quite a few topics are
dealt with in several notes. The page numbers for these in-text notes are listed
in the HelpFinder Index (at the front of the Bible) and in the Quick Topic Finder
(at the back of the Bible).
Book Introductions
Complete Bible book introductions include the following helpful features:
• An overview of the book, emphasizing its core message and key themes
• An outline of the book that lists the main topics and where they can
be found
• A list of key verses in the book
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Promises from God
Knowing God’s promises to us can deepen our faith, and the HelpFinder Bible
highlights nearly two hundred of them. As you are reading, these promises draw
your attention to important faith-building truths from God’s Word. These and
additional Bible promise texts are identified under each topic in the HelpFinder
Index and the Quick Topic Finder.
Quick Topic Finder
This smaller index at the back of the Bible offers a bird’s-eye view of all the topics
covered in the HelpFinder Index and gives the page numbers in the HelpFinder
Index where each topic is handled in much greater depth. The Quick Topic
Finder also gives page numbers for the in-text application notes and offers additional Bible promise texts.
Great Bible Passages to Study and Memorize
This list points to some of the Bible’s greatest passages and reflects on the
importance of studying and memorizing longer Scripture texts to ensure that
we keep the passages we read in their larger context.
Great Bible Stories for Discovering God’s Truth
This list gives easy access to the great stories of the Bible and offers reflection
on how God uses stories to reveal his truth and help us to connect it to our lives.

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