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M AR K 14
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because you are my followers.* But the one who
endures to the end will be saved.
14 “The day is coming when you will see the
sacrilegious object that causes desecration*
standing where he* should not be.” (Reader,
pay attention!) “Then those in Judea must flee
to the hills. 15 A person out on the deck of a
roof must not go down into the house to pack.
16 A person out in the field must not return even
to get a coat. 17 How terrible it will be for pregnant women and for nursing mothers in those
days. 18 And pray that your flight will not be in
winter. 19 For there will be greater anguish in
those days than at any time since God created
the world. And it will never be so great again.
20 In fact, unless the Lord shortens that time of
calamity, not a single person will survive. But
for the sake of his chosen ones he has shortened
those days.
21 “Then if anyone tells you, ‘Look, here is the
Messiah,’ or ‘There he is,’ don’t believe it. 22 For
false messiahs and false prophets will rise up
and perform signs and wonders so as to deceive,
if possible, even God’s chosen ones. 23 Watch
out! I have warned you about this ahead of time!
24 “At that time, after the anguish of those
the sun will be darkened,
the moon will give no light,
the stars will fall from the sky,
and the powers in the heavens
will be shaken.*
26 Then
everyone will see the Son of Man* coming on the clouds with great power and glory.*
27 And he will send out his angels to gather his
chosen ones from all over the world*—from the
farthest ends of the earth and heaven.
28 “Now learn a lesson from the fig tree. When
its branches bud and its leaves begin to sprout,
you know that summer is near. 29 In the same
way, when you see all these things taking place,
you can know that his return is very near, right
at the door. 30 I tell you the truth, this generation* will not pass from the scene before all
these things take place. 31 Heaven and earth will
disappear, but my words will never disappear.
32 “However, no one knows the day or hour
when these things will happen, not even the
angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the
Father knows. 33 And since you don’t know when
that time will come, be on guard! Stay alert*!
34 “The coming of the Son of Man can be illustrated by the story of a man going on a long trip.
When he left home, he gave each of his slaves
13:13 Greek on account of my name. 13:14a Greek the
abomination of desolation. See Dan 9:27; 11:31; 12:11.
13:14b Or it. 13:24-25 See Isa 13:10; 34:4; Joel 2:10.
13:26a “Son of Man” is a title Jesus used for himself.
13:26b See Dan 7:13. 13:27 Greek from the four winds.
13:30 Or this age, or this nation. 13:33 Some manuscripts
add and pray. 14:3 Or reclining. 14:5 Greek for 300 denarii.
A denarius was equivalent to a laborer’s full day’s wage.
instructions about the work they were to do,
and he told the gatekeeper to watch for his return. 35 You, too, must keep watch! For you don’t
know when the master of the household will return—in the evening, at midnight, before dawn,
or at daybreak. 36 Don’t let him find you sleeping
when he arrives without warning. 37 I say to you
what I say to everyone: Watch for him!”
Jesus Anointed at Bethany
It was now two days before Passover and
the Festival of Unleavened Bread. The
leading priests and the teachers of religious law
were still looking for an opportunity to capture
Jesus secretly and kill him. 2 “But not during
the Passover celebration,” they agreed, “or the
people may riot.”
3 Meanwhile, Jesus was in Bethany at the
home of Simon, a man who had previously
had leprosy. While he was eating,* a woman
came in with a beautiful alabaster jar of expensive perfume made from essence of nard. She
broke open the jar and poured the perfume over
his head.
4 Some of those at the table were indignant.
“Why waste such expensive perfume?” they
asked. 5 “It could have been sold for a year’s
wages* and the money given to the poor!” So
they scolded her harshly.
6 But Jesus replied, “Leave her alone. Why
criticize her for doing such a good thing to
me? 7 You will always have the poor among
you, and you can help them whenever you
want to. But you will not always have me. 8 She
has done what she could and has anointed my
body for burial ahead of time. 9 I tell you the
truth, wherever the Good News is preached
throughout the world, this woman’s deed will
be remembered and discussed.”
Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus
10 Then Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve disciples, went to the leading priests to arrange
to betray Jesus to them. 11 They were delighted
when they heard why he had come, and they
promised to give him money. So he began looking for an opportunity to betray Jesus.
The Last Supper
12 On the first day of the Festival of Unleavened
Bread, when the Passover lamb is sacrificed,
Jesus’ disciples asked him, “Where do you want
us to go to prepare the Passover meal for you?”
13 So Jesus sent two of them into Jerusalem
with these instructions: “As you go into the city,
a man carrying a pitcher of water will meet you.
Follow him. 14 At the house he enters, say to the
owner, ‘The Teacher asks: Where is the guest
room where I can eat the Passover meal with
my disciples?’ 15 He will take you upstairs to a
large room that is already set up. That is where
you should prepare our meal.” 16 So the two

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