ImmerseBeginnings NLT - Page 142


his sons. This includes the breast and the thigh that were lifted up before
the Lord as a special offering. In the future, whenever the people of Israel
lift up a peace offering, a portion of it must be set aside for Aaron and his
descendants. This is their permanent right, and it is a sacred offering from
the Israelites to the Lord.
“Aaron’s sacred garments must be preserved for his descendants who
succeed him, and they will wear them when they are anointed and ordained. The descendant who succeeds him as high priest will wear these
clothes for seven days as he ministers in the Tabernacle and the Holy Place.
“Take the ram used in the ordination ceremony, and boil its meat in a
sacred place. Then Aaron and his sons will eat this meat, along with the
bread in the basket, at the Tabernacle entrance. They alone may eat the
meat and bread used for their purification in the ordination ceremony. No
one else may eat them, for these things are set apart and holy. If any of the
ordination meat or bread remains until the morning, it must be burned. It
may not be eaten, for it is holy.
“This is how you will ordain Aaron and his sons to their offices, just as I
have commanded you. The ordination ceremony will go on for seven days.
Each day you must sacrifice a young bull as a sin offering to purify them,
making them right with the Lord. Afterward, cleanse the altar by purifying it; make it holy by anointing it with oil. Purify the altar, and consecrate
it every day for seven days. After that, the altar will be absolutely holy, and
whatever touches it will become holy.
“These are the sacrifices you are to offer regularly on the altar. Each day,
offer two lambs that are a year old, one in the morning and the other in
the evening. With one of them, offer two quarts of choice flour mixed with
one quart of pure oil of pressed olives; also, offer one quart of wine as a
liquid offering. Offer the other lamb in the evening, along with the same
offerings of flour and wine as in the morning. It will be a pleasing aroma,
a special gift presented to the Lord.
“These burnt offerings are to be made each day from generation to generation. Offer them in the Lord’s presence at the Tabernacle entrance;
there I will meet with you and speak with you. I will meet the people of
Israel there, in the place made holy by my glorious presence. Yes, I will
consecrate the Tabernacle and the altar, and I will consecrate Aaron and
his sons to serve me as priests. Then I will live among the people of Israel
and be their God, and they will know that I am the Lord their God. I am
the one who brought them out of the land of Egypt so that I could live
among them. I am the Lord their God.

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