ImmerseBeginnings NLT - Page 172


of choice flour, half to be offered in the morning and half to be offered
in the evening. It must be carefully mixed with olive oil and cooked on a
griddle. Then slice this grain offering and present it as a pleasing aroma to
the Lord. In each generation, the high priest who succeeds Aaron must
prepare this same offering. It belongs to the Lord and must be burned
up completely. This is a permanent law. All such grain offerings of a priest
must be burned up entirely. None of it may be eaten.”
Then the Lord said to Moses, “Give Aaron and his sons the following
instructions regarding the sin offering. The animal given as an offering for
sin is a most holy offering, and it must be slaughtered in the Lord’s presence at the place where the burnt offerings are slaughtered. The priest who
offers the sacrifice as a sin offering must eat his portion in a sacred place
within the courtyard of the Tabernacle. Anyone or anything that touches
the sacrificial meat will become holy. If any of the sacrificial blood spatters on a person’s clothing, the soiled garment must be washed in a sacred
place. If a clay pot is used to boil the sacrificial meat, it must then be broken. If a bronze pot is used, it must be scoured and thoroughly rinsed with
water. Any male from a priest’s family may eat from this offering; it is most
holy. But the offering for sin may not be eaten if its blood was brought into
the Tabernacle as an offering for purification in the Holy Place. It must be
completely burned with fire.
“These are the instructions for the guilt offering. It is most holy. The animal
sacrificed as a guilt offering must be slaughtered at the place where the
burnt offerings are slaughtered, and its blood must be splattered against all
sides of the altar. The priest will then offer all its fat on the altar, including
the fat of the broad tail, the fat around the internal organs, the two kidneys
and the fat around them near the loins, and the long lobe of the liver. These
are to be removed with the kidneys, and the priests will burn them on the
altar as a special gift presented to the Lord. This is the guilt offering. Any
male from a priest’s family may eat the meat. It must be eaten in a sacred
place, for it is most holy.
“The same instructions apply to both the guilt offering and the sin offering. Both belong to the priest who uses them to purify someone, making that person right with the Lord. In the case of the burnt offering,
the priest may keep the hide of the sacrificed animal. Any grain offering
that has been baked in an oven, prepared in a pan, or cooked on a griddle
belongs to the priest who presents it. All other grain offerings, whether
made of dry flour or flour moistened with olive oil, are to be shared equally
among all the priests, the descendants of Aaron.

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