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The gate­keepers of the families of Shal­lum, Ater, Tal­mon, Ak­kub,
Ha­ti­ta, and Sho­bai. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 139
The descendants of the following Temple servants returned from exile:
Ziha, Hasupha, Tabbaoth,
Keros, Siaha, Padon,
Lebanah, Hagabah, Akkub,
Hagab, Shalmai, Hanan,
Giddel, Gahar, Reaiah,
Rezin, Nekoda, Gazzam,
Uzza, Paseah, Besai,
Asnah, Meunim, Nephusim,
Bakbuk, Hakupha, Harhur,
Bazluth, Mehida, Harsha,
Barkos, Sisera, Temah,
Neziah, and Hatipha.
The descendants of these servants of King Sol­omon returned from exile:
Sotai, Hassophereth, Peruda,
Jaalah, Darkon, Giddel,
Shephatiah, Hattil, P
­ okereth-­hazzebaim, and Ami.
In all, the Temple servants and the descendants of Sol­omon’s servants
numbered 392.
Another group returned at this time from the towns of ­Tel-­melah, ­Tel-
h­ arsha, Ke­rub, Ad­dan, and Immer. However, they could not prove that
they or their families were descendants of Is­ra­el. This group included the
families of Delaiah, To­bi­ah, and Ne­ko­­da—­a total of 652 people.
Three families of ­priests—­Ho­ba­iah, Hakkoz, and Bar­zil­­lai—­also returned. (This Bar­zil­lai had married a woman who was a descendant of
Bar­zil­lai of Gil­e­ad, and he had taken her fam­i­ly name.) They searched for
their names in the ge­ne­a­log­ic­ al records, but they were not found, so they
were disqualified from serving as priests. The governor told them not to
eat the priests’ share of food from the sacrifices until a priest could consult the Lord about the matter by using the Urim and Thum­­mim—­the
sa­cred lots.
So a total of 42,360 people returned to Ju­dah, in addition to 7,337
servants and 200 singers, both men and women. They took with them
736 horses, 245 mules, 435 camels, and 6,720 donkeys.
When they arrived at the Temple of the Lord in Je­ru­sa­lem, some of the
fam­i­ly leaders made voluntary offerings toward the rebuilding of God’s
Temple on its original site, and each leader gave as much as he could. The
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