ImmerseChronicles NLT - Page 91

| 23:3-17
C hronicles – E Z R A – N E H E M I A H
in all the towns to come to Je­ru­sa­lem. They all gathered at the Temple of
God, where they made a solemn pact with Jo­ash, the young king.
Je­hoi­a­da said to them, “Here is the king’s son! The time has come for
him to reign! The Lord has promised that a descendant of Da­vid will be
our king. This is what you must do. When you priests and Levites come on
duty on the Sab­bath, a third of you will serve as gate­keepers. Another third
will go over to the royal palace, and the final third will be at the Foundation
Gate. Every­one else should stay in the courtyards of the Lord’s Temple.
Remember, only the priests and Levites on duty may enter the Temple of
the Lord, for they are set apart as holy. The rest of the people must obey
the Lord’s instructions and stay outside. You Levites, form a bodyguard
around the king and keep your weapons in hand. Kill anyone who tries to
enter the Temple. Stay with the king wherever he goes.”
So the Levites and all the people of Ju­dah did every­thing as Je­hoi­a­da
the priest ordered. The commanders took charge of the men reporting for
duty that Sab­bath, as well as those who were going off duty. Je­hoi­a­da the
priest did not let anyone go home after their shift ended. Then Je­hoi­a­da
supplied the commanders with the spears and the large and small shields
that had once belonged to King Da­vid and were stored in the Temple of
God. He stationed all the people around the king, with their weapons
ready. They formed a line from the south side of the Temple around to
the north side and all around the altar.
Then Je­hoi­a­da and his sons brought out Jo­ash, the king’s son, placed
the crown on his head, and pre­sent­ed him with a copy of God’s laws. They
anointed him and proclaimed him king, and every­one shouted, “Long live
the king!”
When Ath­a­li­ah heard the noise of the people running and the shouts of
praise to the king, she hurried to the Lord’s Temple to see what was happening. When she arrived, she saw the newly crowned king standing in his
place of authority by the pillar at the Temple entrance. The commanders
and trumpeters were surrounding him, and people from all over the land
were rejoicing and blowing trumpets. Singers with musical instruments
were leading the people in a great celebration. When Ath­al­ i­ah saw all this,
she tore her clothes in despair and shouted, “Treason! Treason!”
Then Je­hoi­a­da the priest ordered the commanders who were in charge
of the troops, “Take her to the soldiers in front of the Temple, and kill
anyone who tries to rescue her.” For the priest had said, “She must not
be killed in the Temple of the Lord.” So they seized her and led her out
to the entrance of the Horse Gate on the palace grounds, and they killed
her there.
Then Je­hoi­a­da made a cov­enant between himself and the king and the
people that they would be the Lord’s people. And all the people went
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