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| 23:18–24:11
over to the temple of Baal and tore it down. They demolished the altars
and smashed the idols, and they killed Mat­tan the priest of Baal in front
of the altars.
Je­hoi­a­da now put the priests and Levites in charge of the Temple of the
Lord, following all the directions given by Da­vid. He also commanded
them to pre­sent burnt offerings to the Lord, as prescribed by the Law of
­Moses, and to sing and rejoice as Da­vid had instructed. He also stationed
gate­keepers at the gates of the Lord’s Temple to keep out those who for
any reason were ceremonially unclean.
Then the commanders, nobles, rulers, and all the people of the land
escorted the king from the Temple of the Lord. They went through
the upper gate and into the palace, and they seated the king on the royal
throne. So all the people of the land rejoiced, and the city was peaceful
because Ath­a­li­ah had been killed.
Jo­ash was seven years old when he became king, and he reigned in Je­ru­
sa­lem forty years. His mother was Zib­iah from Be­er­she­ba. Jo­ash did what
was pleasing in the Lord’s sight throughout the lifetime of Je­hoi­a­da the
priest. Je­hoi­a­da chose two wives for Jo­ash, and he had sons and daughters.
At one point Jo­ash decided to repair and restore the Temple of the Lord.
He summoned the priests and Levites and gave them these instructions:
“Go to all the towns of Ju­dah and collect the required annual offerings, so
that we can repair the Temple of your God. Do not delay!” But the Levites
did not act immediately.
So the king called for Je­hoi­a­da the high priest and asked him, “Why
haven’t you demanded that the Levites go out and collect the Temple
taxes from the towns of Ju­dah and from Je­ru­sa­lem? ­Moses, the servant of
the Lord, levied this tax on the community of Is­ra­el in order to maintain
the Tab­er­nacle of the Cov­enant.”
Over the years the followers of wicked Ath­a­li­ah had broken into the
Temple of God, and they had used all the dedicated things from the
Temple of the Lord to worship the imag­es of Baal.
So now the king ordered a chest to be made and set outside the gate leading to the Temple of the Lord. Then a proclamation was sent throughout
Ju­dah and Je­ru­sa­lem, telling the people to bring to the Lord the tax that
­Moses, the servant of God, had required of the Is­ra­elites in the wilderness.
This pleased all the leaders and the people, and they gladly brought their
money and filled the chest with it.
Whenever the chest became full, the Levites would carry it to the king’s
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