ImmerseMessiah NLT - Page 490


who testify about their faith in Jesus. Worship only God. For the essence
of prophecy is to give a clear witness for Jesus.”
Then I saw heaven opened, and a white horse was standing there. Its rider
was named Faithful and True, for he judges fairly and wages a righteous
war. His eyes were like flames of fire, and on his head were many crowns.
A name was written on him that no one understood except himself. He
wore a robe dipped in blood, and his title was the Word of God. The
armies of heaven, dressed in the finest of pure white linen, followed him
on white horses. From his mouth came a sharp sword to strike down the
nations. He will rule them with an iron rod. He will release the fierce
wrath of God, the Almighty, like juice flowing from a winepress. On his
robe at his thigh was written this title: King of all kings and Lord of all
Then I saw an angel standing in the sun, shouting to the vultures flying
high in the sky: “Come! Gather together for the great banquet God has
prepared. Come and eat the flesh of kings, generals, and strong warriors;
of horses and their riders; and of all humanity, both free and slave, small
and great.”
Then I saw the beast and the kings of the world and their armies gathered together to fight against the one sitting on the horse and his army.
And the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet who did
mighty miracles on behalf of the beast—miracles that deceived all who
had accepted the mark of the beast and who worshiped his statue. Both the
beast and his false prophet were thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning
sulfur. Their entire army was killed by the sharp sword that came from
the mouth of the one riding the white horse. And the vultures all gorged
themselves on the dead bodies.
Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven with the key to the bottom­
less pit and a heavy chain in his hand. He seized the dragon—that old serpent, who is the devil, Satan—and bound him in chains for a thousand
years. The angel threw him into the bottomless pit, which he then shut
and locked so Satan could not deceive the nations anymore until the thousand years were finished. Afterward he must be released for a little while.
Then I saw thrones, and the people sitting on them had been given the
authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded
for their testimony about Jesus and for proclaiming the word of God. They
had not worshiped the beast or his statue, nor accepted his mark on their

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