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The Bible Reading Experience
The Bible is a great gift. The Creator of all things entered into our
human story and spoke to us. He inspired people over many centuries
to shape words into books that reveal his mind, bringing wisdom into
our lives and light to our paths. But God’s biggest intention for the
Bible is to invite us into its Story. What God wants for us, more than
anything else, is that we make the Bible’s great drama of restoration
and new life the story of our lives, too.
The appropriate way to receive a gift like this is to come to know
the Bible deeply, to lose ourselves in it precisely so that we can find
ourselves in it. In other words, we need to immerse ourselves in it—to
read God’s words at length and without distraction, to read with deeper
historical and literary perspective, and to read through the Bible with
friends in a regular three-year rhythm. Immerse: The Bible Reading
Experience has been specially designed for this purpose.
Immerse: The Reading Bible presents each book of the Bible without the distractions of chapter and verse markers, subject headers, or
footnotes—all later historical additions to the text. The Holy Bible, New
Living Translation, is presented in a single-column format with easyto-read type. To provide meaningful perspective, book introductions
give historical and literary context, and the books are often re­ordered
chronologically or grouped with books that share similar ancient audiences. Every feature in this unique Bible enhances the opportunity for
readers to engage with God’s words in simple clarity.
A more complete explanation of this unique Bible presentation can be found in the articles
that begin on page 483 at the back of this volume.

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