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Welcome to Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience A7
Introduction to Prophets A9
This volume presents the First Testament prophets in
groupings that generally represent four historical periods.
The first grouping includes prophets who spoke to God’s
people before the fall of Israel’s northern kingdom.
Amos 1
Hosea 19
Micah 41
Isaiah 55
The second grouping includes prophets who spoke after
the fall of the northern kingdom of Israel but before
the fall of the southern kingdom of Judah.
Zephaniah 177
Nahum 185
Habakkuk 193
The third grouping includes prophets ministering around
the time of Jerusalem’s destruction, when the people of
Judah were being taken away into Babylonian exile.
Jeremiah 201
Obadiah 311
Ezekiel 317

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