ImmerseProphets - Page 83

I saiah
And for the people of Jerusalem
he will be a trap and a snare.
Many will stumble and fall,
never to rise again.
They will be snared and captured.”
Preserve the teaching of God;
entrust his instructions to those who follow me.
I will wait for the Lord,
who has turned away from the descendants
of Jacob.
I will put my hope in him.
I and the children the Lord has given me serve as signs and warnings
to Is­ra­el from the Lord of Heaven’s Ar­mies who dwells in his Temple on
Mount Zion.
Someone may say to you, “Let’s ask the mediums and those who consult
the spirits of the dead. With their whisperings and mutterings, they will
tell us what to do.” But shouldn’t people ask God for guidance? Should the
living seek guidance from the dead?
Look to God’s instructions and teachings! People who contradict his
word are completely in the dark. They will go from one place to another,
weary and hungry. And because they are hungry, they will rage and curse
their king and their God. They will look up to heaven and down at the
earth, but wherever they look, there will be trouble and anguish and dark
despair. They will be thrown out into the darkness.
Nevertheless, that time of darkness and despair will not go on forever. The
land of Zeb­u­lun and Naph­ta­li will be humbled, but there will be a time in
the future when Gal­i­lee of the Gentiles, which lies along the road that runs
between the Jor­dan and the sea, will be filled with glory.
The people who walk in darkness
will see a great light.
For those who live in a land of deep darkness,
a light will shine.
You will enlarge the nation of Israel,
and its people will rejoice.
They will rejoice before you
as people rejoice at the harvest
and like warriors dividing the plunder.
For you will break the yoke of their slavery
and lift the heavy burden from their shoulders.

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