Life Recovery Workbook Sampler - Page 11

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6. Where can I see God in this process of grieving right now?
The Fruit of Grieving Genesis 41:50-52
1. Due to the jealousy and hatred of his brothers, Joseph was sold
into slavery and ended up in Egypt. He managed to excel in
serving his master, but his master’s wife accused him of rape.
He spent several years in prison, until he was finally released by
Pharaoh. He became the second most powerful man in Egypt,
and when he had children, he gave them meaningful names. He
named his second son, Ephraim, which means: “God has made
me fruitful in this land of my grief” (Genesis 41:52). What was
Joseph’s fruitfulness in Egypt, the land of his grief?
2. What are some ways I can see God producing fruit in my life
in the midst of my grief?
All Is Darkness Job 6:2-13
1. Job is very clear about the pain he is feeling. Describe the
pain you’re experiencing in your grieving.
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