Life Recovery Workbook Sampler - Page 3

Sarah had a problem with anger. She had no idea where
her anger came from. She just figured she was an angry person.
But when she ruined her second computer by throwing it
against the wall in anger, she realized she had a problem, and
she didn’t know what to do about it. Nothing she tried had
reduced the intensity of her rage. She finally faced the reality
that she needed someone to help her, so she made an appointment with a counselor.
As the counselor was listening to Sarah’s life story, the
counselor took notice of the early death of her father and the
relatively early death of her mother. When Sarah finished
describing her background, the counselor returned to the
subject of the death of Sarah’s parents. The counselor was particularly struck by the fact that whenever Sarah talked about
her father, she would weep. But whenever she talked about
her mother, she tried to hide the undercurrent of rage that she
was experiencing.
Sarah’s father had died when she was nine years old. He was
her hero. He had lost one of his legs in the Korean War, but he
had never let that slow him down. She was his little princess,
and she was devastated when he died. But no one seemed to
notice that Sarah was struggling with her emotions because all
the adults were consumed by their own grief, especially her
mother. So she had to deal with the loss of her father on her
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