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Immerse: Beginnings
includes the first five
books of the Bible,
known as the Torah
(meaning “instruction”).
These books describe
the origins of God’s
creation, human
rebellion, and the family of Israel—the
people God chose to be a light to
all people. We follow the covenant
community from its earliest ancestors
to the time it is about to enter the
Promised Land.
Immerse: Prophets
presents the First
Testament prophets in
groupings that generally
represent four historical
periods: before the
fall of Israel’s northern
kingdom (Amos,
Hosea, Micah, Isaiah), before the fall
of the southern kingdom (Zephaniah,
Nahum, Habakkuk), around the time
of Jerusalem’s destruction (Jeremiah,
Obadiah, Ezekiel), and after the return
from exile (Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi,
Joel, Jonah).
Immerse: Chronicles
contains the remaining
First Testament books:
Nehemiah, Esther, and
Daniel. These works
were all written after the
Jewish people fell under the control
of foreign empires and were scattered
among the nations. They remind God’s
chastened people of their identity and
calling to faithfully represent God to the
nations and that there is still hope for
the struggling dynasty of David.
Immerse: Kingdoms
tells the story of Israel
from the time of its
conquest of Canaan
(Joshua) through its
struggle to settle the
land (Judges, Ruth) and
the establishment of
Israel’s kingdom, which ends in a forced
exile (Samuel–Kings). The nation of Israel,
commissioned to be God’s light to the
nations, falls to division and then foreign
conquest for rejecting God’s rule.
To facilitate your reading experience, each
volume comes with a Quick Start Guide.
Immerse: Poets
presents the poetical
books of the First
Testament in two
sections, dividing them
between song books
(Psalms, Lamentations,
Song of Songs) and
wisdom writings (Proverbs, Ecclesiastes,
Job). These poetic writings all reflect
the down-to-earth faith of God’s ancient
people as they sought to live out their
covenant relationship through their
worship and wise living. These books
now call us to do the same.
Immerse: Messiah
provides a unique
guided journey
through the entire New
Testament. Each major
section is anchored by
one of the Gospels,
highlighting the
richness of Scripture’s fourfold witness
to Jesus the Messiah, who fulfills all the
longings and promises set in motion in
the First Testament.
The guides provide
Useful background
information for the reader
Ideas for getting the most out
of the Immerse experience
An 8-week reading plan to
guide the reading
Four questions to inspire
What stood out to you
this week?
Was there anything confusing
or troubling?
Did anything make you think
differently about God?
How might this change
the way we live?

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