La Monarca Vol 4 FINAL - Page 14

Paulo Quadri (2013 Cohort, Environmental
Studies, UCSC) received the Outstanding Teaching
Award from UCSC. He coauthored a chapter on
Invasive Species of California in Ecosystems of California edited by Hal Mooney and Erika Zavaleta. He
also coauthored a non-peer reviewed book on conservation policy that will be published by the Fondo
de Cultura Economica titled Un Estado sin Tierra.
Quadri was awarded the UC MEXUS Dissertation Grant to allow him to complete his research on
“Climate Change and Land Use Change Impacts on
Forest Species Distribution and Conservation.”
Claudia Rafful (2013 Cohort, Global Public Health,
UCSD) was awarded the UC MEXUS Dissertation
Grant to study involuntary drug treatment in Tijuana, Mexico among people who inject drugs. She was
also awarded the Interdisciplinary Research Training
Institute Fellowship, and has lectured at San Diego
State University and UCSD on substance use and
mental health.
Arturo Ramírez-Valdez (2014 Cohort, Marine
Biology, Scripps Institution of Oceanography,
UCSD) headed a project bringing together binational and interdisciplinary researchers to evaluate
the ecosystem services of the coastal area throughout
the California and Baja California region, under the
UC-Mexico initiative. He also organized the workshop “Binational initiative of coastal ecosystems
and fisheries in the climate change scenario” which
resulted in a white paper that will be presented to the
Mexican government.
Edgar A. Ríos Piedra (2012 Cohort, Biomedical Engineering, UCLA) developed a brain tumor
segmentation and characterization software based on
state-of-the-art techniques in computer vision and
machine learning. This software will help neuro-radiologists and neuro-oncologists to have more objective and automatic evaluation of magnetic resonance
images (MRI). He has presented his work at international conferences such as the IEEE Engineering in
Medicine and Biology Society.
Teresita Rocha-Jiménez (2014 Cohort, Global
Public Health, UCSD) presented a poster titled
“Gender differences in policing behaviors: Implications for HIV prevention in Tijuana, Mexico” at
the 21st International AIDS Conference in Durban,
South Africa.
Rubén Irvin Rojas Valdés (2012 Cohort,
Agricultural and Resource Economics, UCD) published an article in collaboration with a team of
researchers from UCD and the World Food Program. The article, “Economic impact of refugees,” is
in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science
(PNAS). The teams evaluated the impact of refugees
on the local economy, studying three camps of refugees in Rwanda.
Adriana Romero (2012 Cohort, Ecology &
Evolutionary Biology, UCI) was awarded the International Fellowship from the American Association
of University Women and the Dr. William F. Holocomb Scholarship from UCI. She is first author of
the article “Neurospora discreta as a model to assess
adaptation of soil fungi to warming” in BMC Evolutionary Biology and coauthored the article “Impact
of seasonal changes on fungal diversity of a semiarid
ecosystem revealed by 454 pyrosequencing” in the
BMC Evolutionary Biology.
Fernando Soto Alvarez (2014 Cohort,
NanoEngineering, UCSD) was first author of the
article “Acoustic Microcannons: Toward Advanced
Microballistics” in the journal ACS Nano. He was
also second author of “Reversible swarming and separation of self-propelled chemically powered nanomotors under acoustic fields,” published in the Journal of
the American Chemical Society. The main focus of his
research is designing nanobots and applying them in
biomedical applications.

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