VIS Annual Report 2019-2020 - Page 12

Secondary School
It will soon become apparent to any new comer
Sports, Clubs, Model United Nations, and mother
to the Vienna International School community
tongue languages to name a few. Perhaps the
that VIS is a vibrant School deeply committed
biggest frustration for students is that they
and ensuring the best possible experience for
cannot do everything on offer and they have to
all students. For over 40 years VIS has provided
make choices. A great problem for us to have.
a world-class International education in Vienna.
Part of this success is due to the fact VIS is a
We recognize that Vienna International School
reflective institution, always striving to learn from
has an impressive track record of success, however,
our experiences in order to improve. We realize
this never prevents us from reflecting on our
that the world we are educating our students to
practice and identifying areas for improvement.
be a part of when they leave school is constantly
“Our mission is to empower all of our students
changing. It is our responsibility to ensure that our
to be successful and responsible in a nurturing
students are ready to face an unpredictable future.
and diverse learning community, so that they
can achieve their potential in a changing world.”
Marc Starr
Secondary School Principal
Vienna International School is steeped in rich
This, taken from our mission, shapes our thinking.
tradition and has a long history of preparing our
Supporting each student t0 reach their potential
students for success in post-secondary education
is always the driving force when considering
and careers of their choice. This was evident with
curriculum changes or changes in the Pastoral
92% of the class of 2019 earning a place in either
programme. At Vienna International School we are
their first or second choice universities. This is
always looking to the Future. In secondary school
the highest percentage achieving this in the
we are particularly excited with the possibilities
last 5 years of graduating classes. This is a clear
of VIS 2030 and the work that is underway in
indication of the success of our well established IB
examining what VIS would look like in years to
programmes in both the MYP and the DP.
come and the different opportunities this would
have for our students.
Also, well established is the fact that VIS celebrates
student success outside the classroom. We
As we continue to always keep in mind what
strongly believe that a well-balanced student is
is best for our students, we will be successful
more prepared to confront inevitable challenges
and meeting our lofty mission. It is key that all
they will experience later in life. Extracurricular
stakeholders in the VIS secondary community
opportunities complement our IB programmes
including staff, students and parents continue
and students have a plethora of opportunities
to work together to make Vienna International
to choose from in the Fine and Performing Arts,
School successful in achieving this goal.


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