VIS Annual Report 2019-2020 - Page 18

Visual and Performing Arts
VIS prides itself on a very strong and successful arts
in Grade 9 on the UN 17 Sustainable Development
programme. From music to visual and performing
Goals. The impressive and thought-provoking
arts the students have the opportunity to immerse
results were displayed in the mall. We are also very
themselves in the genre that best suits their
happy to see the construction fence covered up
talent. With highly qualified and dedicated artists
with a banner project outside of school, with the
and musicians as teachers, the students develop
wide variety of masterpieces by our students from
and hone their skills, which allows them to express
Grade ELC to 12. Moreover, during the Grade 7’s
themselves as confident and competent artists.
STEAM week, the students created a theatre piece,
which addressed the consequences of climate
Being an Eco school comes with a big responsibility
change and which habits we need to change.
for our Performing arts departments. In order to
It was a powerful piece that sent a strong message
fully address the goal of shaping a sustainable
to everybody in the audience.
future, we made it a focus of our work.
This academic year, we have again a variety
Last April, we hosted the ISTA (International
of performances planned. This includes our
Schools Theatre Association) High School Festival
usual seasonal concerts, as well as the annual
at VIS and we managed to run it as a “green”
performance in the Musikverein. Our theatrical
festival. We only used public transport, our festival
highlight is the panto Robin Hood. This will be
bags and T-shirts were designed by our own
a hilarious performance with lots of audience
students, printed with organic colours on organic
participation. With our volunteers, we are going
cloth. We cooperated with our caterer, focusing
through our costume and props funds to decide
on regional products. The sandwiches were
what we can reuse, modify or upcycle. When
packed in special paper. We found a supplier who
purchasing additional items, we always visit the
offered water bottles made from plants and all
local flea markets and second hand shops.
participants drank our lovely Viennese water.
We invite you to enjoy the lovely art, music and
When ordering new items for the Arts, we order
theatre projects put together by our talented
locally as much as we can. When purchasing new
students this year and to join us in our efforts
instruments, we check that the wood comes from
to become environmentally responsible for our
certified plantations.
school and our planet.
Our Visual Arts department bases an entire unit


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