VIS Annual Report 2019-2020 - Page 22

VIS has a firm commitment to providing students
“The Eco School ethos is reflected in everything
with the learning experiences and resources
they do: from learning, to procurement, or doing
necessary to develop their understanding of
sports. Students are reflective, vocal, critical and
sustainability. The aim is that all students can
certainly very passionate about their projects!
apply this in decisions that they make in their
We are very proud of you!”.
everyday lives. Students are empowered to take
VIS is seen as a model within the Eco School
action, becoming aware that they can make a
International Programme. In addition, after
difference and sharing their actions with the
two years of work, the Primary School was also
people around them and with their communities.
accredited with the Austrian Umweltzeichen,
or Austrian Green Label. Accreditation by these
During the last year the school has actively
organisations has given the VIS a three-tier
Development Goals into the curricula and is
Education. It has encouraged and enabled the
an accredited Global School. Through the Eco
school community to respond to the global
School programme and the integration of
climate situation more effectively.
the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the
students are empowered with knowledge and
During the last school year, there was a positive
understanding, to provide them with the tools
response to the different events which highlighted
and points of view to identify problems, to give
and demonstrated different aspects of working
them the encouragement to develop resilience
towards the sustainability of our planet. Last
and creativity and to help them to find innovative
November the VIS community celebrated the
solutions to problems they may encounter in the
Global Action Day focusing on the UN Sustainable
Development Goals. We aimed to show how the
students and school community are connecting
Recently the school received the representative
with these goals, through the curricula and school
of Eco Schools International for the second
organisation. We also incorporated the Slovenian
evaluation. Her written observation was very
Government’s initiative “The Honey Breakfast”.
towards developing Sustainability


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