VIS Annual Report 2019-2020 - Page 23

This originated from the Republic of Slovenia’s
problems represented through the Sustainable
efforts to raise awareness of the essential role
Development Goals, and to develop actions that
that honeybees and other pollinators play in our
are sound and achievable. Our responsibilities
ecosystem and in food production. In addition,
as global citizens are embedded in our school
the importance of breakfast as part of a healthy
mission statement, and become visible when
life-style was emphasised. We learned about
students target issues and offer solutions through
and celebrated Slovenian culture and identity
their different projects.
through some of its most important elements
- beekeeping, honey production and traditional
The recent student inspired participation in
worldwide strikes initiated by Greta Thunberg, the
The Green Teams have grown in number, as has
young climate activist, has resonated with young
the number of teachers and parents participating
people. A growing group of VIS secondary students
in our programmes. We are developing new
actively participate in the “Fridays for Future”
Outdoor Learning projects and growing areas
marches. Many VIS families of our young students
are being established and expanded. Green Team
have joined this movement too. At the VIS our
students leaving to new locations become Eco
goal is to facilitate and encourage our students
Ambassadors in their new schools. We are building
to increase their knowledge and understanding
Eco-Bridges with schools in Austria, Moldova,
in a way that they can identify actions that would
Mexico, and Uruguay. We have been providing our
make a difference. Through quality education and
experience to other schools to encourage them to
targeted practices, the anxiety, which is present
become Eco Schools.
in youth worldwide could be reduced at the same
time channeling this energy into contributing to
Our short- and long-term action plans include
the solution. The little steps that every citizen of
the development of awareness, understanding
the world can take should be visible and practiced
of global issues and the relevance of action. This
every day. These changes in attitude provide
guides us to concentrate on the twelve Eco School
the consciousness of being part of a movement
Themes, to see the connections with the global
towards sustainability and peace on our planet.


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