VIS Annual Report 2019-2020 - Page 4

Board’s Report
It is gratifying to see VIS continuing to flourish and
school’s programme throughout the education life
proceed with confidence towards implementing
cycle of the students. The Board, as the main body
its vision and mission statement. The School has
responsible for setting and overseeing the school’s
become over the years a recognized “address” for
strategic orientation and policy, has continued to
the values and culture it propagates and is widely
maintain as one of its priorities the preservation
known for, encouraging families with diverse
and enhancement of the school’s unique character
backgrounds and orientations to seek to enroll
and mission. The Board has also a fundamental
their children in the school and subsequently
responsibility in providing the community with the
becoming part of the school’s community. The
sense of assurance while maintaining the principles
inclusive nature of the school, with a model of
of good governance, accountability, transparency
multi-cultural, non-discriminatory and mutually
and communication with all stakeholders. In doing
respectful interaction among students, parents,
this, the Board is also conscious of the need to
faculty and administration with a family-like
continue preserving the status of the School into
culture has undoubtedly contributed to the sense of
the larger local context of its host country, Austria,
belongness to the school’s mission and values. The
and maintaining the appropriate cultural and
high-level interest and demand, as manifested by
communication links and cordial interaction with
consistent high enrollment rates and long waiting
the relevant local authorities.
lists, could be regarded yet as another evidence on
Tarek Sarwat
Board Chair
the continued successful implementation of the
It would not be an overstatement to underline that
school’s guiding statements.
VIS continues to successfully fulfill the objective
The successful provision of the IB programme, the
and vision set by its founders in the early 1980s, the
inclusive nature of the School and its emphasis on
Government of Austria and the UN Organizations
bringing out the different potentials of students
based in Vienna. This could only happen with the
in a manner that would enable them to be better
strong dedication of the school’s teachers, staff
prepared for post school stages in life, coupled
and leadership team, and a formidable sense of
with its adaptability to modern educational
community that VIS is widely recognized for in
requirements continue to be among the main
Austria and beyond. To achieve that through a great
areas of strengths of VIS. Additionally, the fact that
amount of pure voluntary work by parents, whether
a significant percentage of students graduating
as members of different stakeholders such as the
from the School continue to be admitted to their
PTA or the Board or individually, is yet another
first and second choices of universities, as recently
testimony of how all of us, as parents, strive for
evidenced in the 2018-2019 cohort, is also an
only one objective: the happiness of our children at
indicator of the successful implementation of the
school and better preparing them for the future.


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