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April 2018 Rainbow Springs Villager 13
Rainbow Springs Artist
Cooperative (RSAC) Grant
Project: ARTification
Submitted by Sue Primeau
Artisans of the Rainbow
Springs Artist Cooperative have
teamed up with the Boys and
Girls Club of Dunnellon to create
a unique “Ceramic Quilt” that
will be part of the “ARTication”
project. ARTication goes beyond
typical site beautication efforts
by bringing the essence of art out
of the studio and classroom and
into the outdoor environment and
the community. This project is
being completed under a State of
Left to right (children): Aiden Taddiken, Elijah
Pintaone & Angelica Colon (teachers): Peg Midgely
Florida Department of Cultural
Affairs grant to Rainbow Springs & Susan Davis Jones
Art, Inc (RSA) to provide art
experiences for local children, in cooperation with the Boys and Girls Club
of Dunnellon, and its director, Adrian Fletcher. The creative process has been
fun for the children, beginning with designs based on the idea of “My favorite
thing about Dunnellon” as a starting point for each medallion. The designs were
transferred to the ceramic medallions, to be red, then glazed and red again.
The children have integrated concepts of public art, design considerations for a
group art project and sharing their work with the community during the course
of the project. In addition, each child will take home their own ceramic magnets
to commemorate their participation in the project.
The end product - the “Ceramic Quilt” - will
be constructed by RSA artisans using the clay
medallions created by children in this afterschool program held at the Boys and Girls Club.
Each medallion will be connected and assembled
in a frame that will be placed outdoors at the
RSA building at 20804 West Pennsylvania Ave,
Dunnellon, FL. The unveiling ceremony is set
for 3:30 in the afternoon on April 25th. More than
25 children have participated in the classes taught
by Peg Midgely, Susan Davis Jones and Cindy
McWilliams. Come see what “ARTication” is all
For more information or to become a member
Left to right (children): Aiden
of the Rainbow Springs Art Association please
Taddiken, Elijah Pintaone
visit our website www.rainbowspringsart.
com, or email us RSACOOP2016@gmail.com, like us on Facebook.com/
RainbowSpringsArtistCooperative or call us at 352-445-8547. The Rainbow
Springs Artist Cooperative is located at 20804 West Pennsylvania Ave,
Dunnellon, FL and is open Monday thru Saturday from 10AM – 4PM.
Photographer: Cindy McWilliams


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