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April 2018
Rainbow Springs Villager 21
New Resident Profile
Submitted by: Barbara McNamee-Photographer
Bob Kapp
Bob grew up in Venus, Pennsylvania, where he was born.
Most recently he moved from a small town in Pennsylvania,
Emlenton, which is 40 miles from the Ohio state line. His
home in Emlenton was a seven-acre spread on top of a
mountain, overlooking the Allegheny River. The land was
home to black bears who visited on several occasions, as well
as several other types of critters, including one memorable
visit of 105 wild turkeys strolling across his property single file (yes, he counted!). Bob
has two sons living in Pennsylvania, and a stepson in Palm Harbor, Florida.
A friend of Bob’s and his now deceased wife were snowbirds to Rainbow Springs. After
much urging, Bob declared he never wanted to visit Florida; his wife, Grace, convinced
him otherwise. Bob states he went from never wanting to visit Florida to, “When can
I move to Florida?” by the second year. For three years Bob and Grace enjoyed their
snowbird lives in a rented home in Rainbow Springs. By the third year, Bob and his wife
were ready to make Rainbow Springs their permanent home, and now Bob owns the same
home that had previously been his winter getaway. When asked what made him fall in love
with Rainbow Springs, he responded, “No longer having to shovel snow from a half mile
of driveway!”
Within six months of graduating high school, Bob decided to enlist in the U.S. Army
where he functioned as a cryptographer and used radio teletype, “back in the old days
when people actually typed messages.” While Bob was stationed at Ft. Bliss, Texas, for
advanced training, he was in an accident that landed him in the hospital for a full year.
“The person driving ran a stop sign, crossed four lanes of traffic, and missed three pick-up
trucks before hitting my motorcycle,” marvels Bob. The accident occurred on July 1st and
he was released from the hospital the following year on June 30th. On being released, Bob
was transferred to California to finish his training before being sent to Korea.
When Bob was discharged from the Army, he immediately started driving trucks
professionally. Bob drove long-haul for the next 46 years (and five million miles) and
would at times be away from home for over a month. The strain of being away from home
almost constantly eventually led to the end of Bob’s 18 year marriage. Later, Bob married
Grace and was able to celebrate 30 anniversaries - unless you consider they were married
on February 29th which would have been only seven and a half years, adds Bob with a
wink. They lived in Massachusetts until moving south to Pennsylvania where property and
the cost of living were considerably less expensive.
Bob and his wife finally decided to sell their home in Pennsylvania and move to Florida
permanently. Their home sold in July of 2017. Bob and Grace signed off on the closing
of the sale of their home at 1:00 pm, and at 6:00 pm on the same day, Grace was in an
ambulance on her way to the hospital. After two weeks of visiting the hospital and clearing
out their home of 21 years, Bob lost his wife and was homeless. A dear friend who owned
a local golf course offered Bob a place to stay while he was sorting out his life and
preparing to move to Rainbow Springs.
When asked about his activities and interests, without hesitation Bob responds,
“Hunting, fishing, and golf!” Although Bob has played golf for 30 years, he relates that
See Kapp/Page 31
Donna & Steve
Donna and Steve moved to Rainbow Springs from
Nashville, Tennessee, where Donna had lived for the past
30 years and Steve for the past 17. Donna grew up in
Memphis, although she was born in Corinth, Mississippi.
She ended up in Nashville when her family relocated for a
job transfer. Steve was born and raised in Evansville, Indiana. He lived there until his
move to Nashville.
Donna’s son, daughter-in-law, and two grandsons (with a third on the way) live in
Franklin, Tennessee. Steve’s two sisters remain in Evansville.
The Underwoods were being urged by a friend, who lives in Beverly Hills, to move
to this area. Donna states her initial response was, “I will never move to Florida,”
thinking of the state as sandy and hot. After Donna and Steve had visited several
times, they decided to look for a possible future home. Initial considerations for
purchasing include Hernando, Beverly Hills and surrounding areas. After Donna
saw one home in the Dunnellon area on the Internet, she and Steve decided to view
the property. As they drove through Rainbow Springs, Donna states, “It just felt like
home.” The Underwoods went back to Nashville and changed the zip code in their
search for a new home. They now enjoy their new home in Rainbow Springs Country
Club Estates.
Music has been a considerable influence in Steve’s life. Steve began playing the drums
at the age of five, making music with his father who was a guitar player, and started
playing professionally at the age of 15. Steve’s mother expressed her dying wish that
Steve move to Nashville for his musical career. Steve became determined to honor her
request. He had completely restored a 1970 Dodge Super Bee which he sold to make
his mother’s wish come true. Steve had no idea that it would literally be the vehicle to
help launch his career and fulfill his mother’s dream. The proceeds from selling the car
allowed Steve to move to Nashville and establish himself in the music community.
See Underwood/Page 30
ATTENTION NEWCOMERS: If you are a new resident to our neighborhood,
we are delighted that you chose the Villages of Rainbow Springs and we
want to get to know you. If you would like a “welcome visit” from the
Rainbow Springs Residents Organization (RSRO) Welcome Committee or
have had a visit in recent months but would now like to participate in our
New Resident Profile column, please call our RSRO Welcome Director,
Barbara McNamee, at 352-278-3997 or e-mail her at Welcome@RSRO.
org. It doesn’t matter if you are a new property owner, renting your home,
or have owned your place for awhile and have recently moved here, we’re
happy to stop by and say, “Welcome to Rainbow Springs!”


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