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April 2018
Want An Investment Idea?
Just Add Water
By Brenda D’Arville
I have been thinking a lot about water lately. Last week
residents of Dunnellon were under a “boil water before using” notice for several
days. This was due to a break in our City’s main water line. Some of the local
restaurants had to close until the line repairs had been made. The good thing is
that the condition was temporary and we are not in any danger of a restricted
water supply.
However, that is not the case in a great part of our world these days. For
instance, Cape Town South Africa, a population of over four million residents,
is running out of water. There are severe water restrictions in place after three
years of unprecedented drought that have left the city’s rain-fed reservoirs
below 25 per cent capacity. “Day Zero” has been estimated by authorities to
arrive by August.*
Regarding world- wide consumption, 8% of all water is used for domestic
purposes, but 22% of all water is used for industrial purposes. Energy
generation is the heaviest user of water and in the U.S. over 40% of freshwater
withdrawals are for thermoelectric power production. Regarding the earth’s
food supply, 70% of available water is used in agriculture, and increased
agricultural demands deplete the Earth’s natural resources as the earth’s
population is expected to reach 9 billion by the year 2030. **
In addition, consumer goods have an indirect water footprint that is larger
than perceived. Do you realize that it takes over 52 gallons of water to produce
a single cup of coffee? How about over 450 gallons for a double cheese burger,
or to put into better perspective, 1,850 gallons to produce a pound of beef? It
only takes a mere 450 gallons to produce a pound of chicken and 15 gallons
to produce a head of lettuce. Or better yet, it takes 39,090 gallons of water to
produce a vehicle. **
Water is now being used faster than is being replenished and the earth’s
major aquifers are in trouble. These aquifers are the primary source of drinking
and irrigation water.
So how does all of this “water information” tie into investing? Simple –
there are companies that offer solutions to resolving the water scarcity, supply,
and quality issues. They focus on such issues as water infrastructure, irrigation
equipment, meters and leakage detection. Focus is also in areas of disinfection
chemicals, wastewater treatment, and water management. In addition,
for over
30 Years
also include addressing
recycled water, precision
irrigation, as well as water pollution.
So, if you are environmentally conscious and wish to participate in
addressing some of these issues,
please contactServices
me for additional information.
• Consulting
I have a list of companies as well as mutual funds and ETFs that focus on
• Tax Prepartion
addressing our water challenges.
& Company, Inc.
& Company, Inc.
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*Source CBC News
** Source Allianz Global Investors
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Brenda employs a conservative,
long-term, investment philosophy
coupled with her qualifications
promote a true understanding for
servicing the financial needs and
concerns of investors.
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