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30 Rainbow Springs Villager April 2018
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Since this fateful relocation, Steve has played drums in
the bands of country musicians such as Vern Gosdin,
Leona Williams, and David Church. The past five
years Steve has been traveling with Travis Ledoyt,
a well-known Elvis tribute artist – arguably the best
“young Elvis” in the business. Over the years Steve
has spent a considerable amount of time on the road
and performing on cruise ships. Before he moved to
Nashville and was able to make a living from his music,
Steve also worked as a traveling auto parts salesman
(stocking warehouses) and a Mac Tool salesman. Steve
was fortunate, in his opinion, to take part in two USO
Tours that he found to be very enjoyable: The first was
a four-month tour to South Korea where, on occasion,
he would play with his back up against the DMZ and
several rocket launchers aimed his way! His second
tour, although not quite as long, took Steve to Guam,
Japan, Singapore and Diego Garcia, a high security US
owned island for Air Force personnel.
Donna spent much of her young adult life raising her
son. She enjoyed the life of a young mother while
coaching soccer, acting as room mother, and being a
Cub Scout mama to “my sweet little Cub Scout boys.”
When her marriage ended, she took a job working as an
office manager for a filter distribution center. When a
medical condition required the placement of two stents
in 2012, Donna decided to retire at the end of that year.
Since that time Donna has traveled extensively to
several European countries including Ireland, Northern
Ireland, England, and Scotland - where she stayed in
a haunted castle (Tulloch Castle in Dingwall)! Donna
also had the opportunity to visit her son, who was on
an exchange program, adding Austria and Switzerland
to her list of countries visited. A recent ten-day trip to
Italy with Steve fulfilled Donna’s lifelong desire to visit
the land of “so many romance novels.” They visited
Florence, Rome, Venice, Sorrento and the Isle of Capri.
The Underwoods met at a dance hall jamboree through
mutual friends when Donna attended one of Steve’s
concerts. “He was the drummer, and I was a dancer,”
according to Donna. When Steve informed Donna that
he was shy, her response was, “I’m not. I’m Donna.”
It certainly must have been meant to be, according to
Steve, as he had been single for 11 years and Donna
for 20 years; neither Donna nor Steve thought they
would find love again. The Underwoods were married
at the Excalibur’s Canterbury Wedding Chapel in Las
Vegas, where Donna was able to dress as a princess to
marry Steve, who was garbed as her black knight, in a
fairytale wedding.
In addition to his love of music, Steve is an aquarium
and fish hobbyist. He currently has three aquariums
filled with a variety of fish. Steve had raised an
iridescent shark from the time it was a pup until it
reached the age of 17. His pet, Buddy, had just passed
away days before. The largest aquarium, 55 gallons,
now houses Little Buddy, named in honor of his
beloved predecessor. Building model cars from kits is
a pastime Steve has enjoyed since the age of eight, and
he estimates he now owns about 100 models that he has
assembled and painted.
Donna has adopted Steve’s fish, and enjoys being “fish
mama” to the multitude who flock to the surface of
their tanks when they see her approaching with food.
Donna enjoys all types of country dancing, including
2-step, swing and line dancing. Donna is fond of doing
yardwork and loves flowers in particular. She also likes
to “piddle around” with flower arranging.
Both Steve and Donna take pleasure in being able
to travel. Their favorite way to plan a trip is to, well,
hardly make any plans! The Underwoods have a rough
idea of where their travels will take them but prefer to
be spontaneous. On a recent trip when they thought
they were heading to Sedona, on a whim decided to
head to the Grand Canyon instead. When traveling
up the West Coast from San Diego to Sacramento, a
chance glance at a brochure re-routed them to see the
largest (mass-wise) tree in the world: General Sherman
in Sequoia National Park. Another memorable road trip
for the Underwoods was up the East Coast, visiting the
Washington, D.C., monuments, and up to Niagara Falls.
Hawaii is on their list of future travels.
Rook is the card game of choice for Donna and Steve,
and Donna also plays Canasta.
The Underwoods describe Rainbow Springs as a “neat
little town with a warm feeling. “They expound on
this statement by adding Rainbow Springs is quiet and
intimate, and they particularly enjoy the security of
Rainbow Springs. Walks are taken with a feeling of
safety, and a notable lack of freeway noise. Donna and
Steve appreciate the fact that our community is close
to several large cities and is convenient for grocery
shopping and trips to Walmart!
Not believing that money can buy the good things in
life, Steve would like to see God back in schools, our
courtrooms, and people’s lives. Donna adds that it
would be wonderful if people everywhere observed the
Golden Rule so that everyone could get along together.


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