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6 Citrus Springs Villager December 2017
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Roy Goyette
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Stay Warm this Season
With a Built-In-Fireplace
It’s a situation that no one ever wants to be faced with but at least once in our lifetimes,
we may well be subject to the ravages of an out of control fire. You, your family, friends or
neighbors are suddenly faced with an accidental, arson or nature started fire that leaves you
terrified and feeling helpless. We have all seen in recent years just how devastating fires
can be and the heart-wrenching personal stories that always follow.
Over the eons, man learned just how beneficial fire can be to enhance our lives, from
simply keeping warm to cooking our food or to blast our astronauts to the moon. The list
of positives is endless as we learn every day how to utilize its amazing power and versatility. The opposite side is that it also can be as dangerous and unforgiving to life and property
as anything we face as humans.
Fortunately, over the years we as humans have come to realize that to save ourselves and
our properties from a fire caused disaster we must learn everything possible about fire as
a living, breathing entity, so that when a fire gets into places it’s not wanted or needed we
have the ability to fight back and extinguish the threat. To do that, men and women have
placed themselves in harm’s way to extinguish the fire, stop the fire from spreading and
most importantly save the lives of anyone that may be trapped by the inferno. This kind of
effort takes immense skill, self-control, hours of specialty training, outstanding physical
abilities and a level of braveness second to none.
We are very fortunate to have such a well trained and dedicated crew of Profesional
Firefighters right here in Citrus Springs. As we all go about our everyday lives we routinely pass right by the Citrus Springs Fire Station, Number 14. A lot of the time the doors are
down so you may not think anything is going on. Not so, if the Firefighters are not on a call
they may well be inside studying, training maintaining equipment or cleaning. Cleaning
you ask? Firefighting is not only dangerous but a very dirty job so from the protective gear
firefighters wear to the hoses and certainly the vehicles, everything has to be kept spotlessly clean and serviceable ready for the next alarm. Our Fire station is equipped with a main
Engine that has some water on board, powerful pumps, many feet of hose and a variety of
specialty equipment all designed to quickly bring under control and extinguish an unwanted fire. The station also houses a water tanker truck with a capacity of about 2000 gals, a
four-wheel drive Brush truck, the “Rehab” truck ( a speciality vehicle that responds to any
major fire or any other disaster, that supplies emergency crews with food, water etc, operated by volunteers) The station also shares a service bay with an Ambulance from Nature
Coast EMS, one of Floridas leading Ambulance service Companies. The station has a crew
of six professional firefighters that man the station 24 hrs a day, seven days a week, two
men to a shift. You can be well assured that in Citrus Springs, if the need arises, a team of
professionals will respond as quickly as possible and resolve the situation quickly. We are
also fortunate to have in our community fairly
well-placed hydrants that speed up firefighting
Station 14 Firefighters are; Captain Caleb
Douglas, Driver Engineers, Raymond
Gladwell and Mike Simek. Lt. Rigalo, Lt.
Papadopulous and one other firefighter as
needed on call.
So the next time you are out and about and
see our firefighters please give them a wave or
better yet let them know how grateful you are
that they are trained and ready to help out in Photo: Left to right, Driver Engineer Raymond Gladcase of any emergency.
well, Captain Caleb Douglas


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