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8 Citrus Springs Villager December 2017
If Water Runs Through It: Outdoor Gas Experience
Living in Florida we often use our
outdoor spaces as much as our indoor
ones. This means that we want them
comfortable working with the same
technology and ease as our indoor
spaces. One of the main components
Shawn Scott
to any outdoor space is the grill. In
Mike Scott Plumbing fact, many homes have complete
kitchen spaces
outside where most of the cooking is
done. Today we will talk about natural gas grills and why they are a perfect fit
for the Florida lifestyles.
First, let’s understand that there are 3 types of grills that are popular with
consumers. The standard charcoal grill, this type takes a lot of work to start up
and get cooking and then it takes the same work to clean it afterward. Next, the
propane grills which has been around for many, many years. This grill uses the
pressurized tank of propane gas that can be found at gas stations and grocery
stores where the tank just screws onto a fitting, then you turn the knob and light
the burner. Finally, there is a natural gas grill. This type of grill works with the
homes existing gas service but it is not compatible with propane equipment.
Natural Gas Grills can connect to homes in 2 ways, the Stub Out method
which is just as is sounds, the installer simply drills a hole through the exterior
wall of the home and feeds a pipe that he connected to the gas line through and
the home owner connects the grill to it. The second method uses a Gas Plug and
Safety Disconnect. This is by far the safest method and allows the homeowner
ease of use. The installer connects to the home gas system installing a box on
the outside of the home. He then connects it to the grill using a 10ft reinforced
safety hose and a disconnect fitting so that the grill can be disconnect from the
gas supply in a matter of seconds. Many fittings come with a swivel head that
allows the homeowner to move the grill without crimping the hose. The box
that is installed on the home is weatherproof and has proven to withstand years
of Florida weather.
Each grill has advantages and disadvantages and some depend on the homeowners’ intention. For instance if you are going to smoke a lot of meat, you
want a grill option where you can burn different types of wood to give the meat
added flavors. Of course, there is always to budget to consider, however, when
thinking about the natural gas versus propane options, it is important to consider the long term costs. Installation of the gas line can vary in price, but generally would be less than $1,000 which is well worth the expense when you have
the peace of mind that you won’t run out of gas on a holiday when your meat is
¾ the way cooked. You don’t have to worry about grill fires burning your house
down because within seconds you can turn the gas off.
Mike Scott Plumbing has a full gas division that can tackle all of your
natural gas needs. To explore the many benefits of converting to a gas system
or having a gas system installed in your new home, call 866-314-4443 for a
Mike Scott Family of Companies offers a variety of services in addition to
their septic division such as residential and commercial plumbing service and
instal-lation; irrigation system installation and maintenance; natural gas and
propane installation and repair and private label bottled water. Follow Mike
Scott Family of Companies each month as they update us on “If water runs
through it...”private label bottled water. Follow Mike Scott Family of Companies each month as they update us on “If water runs through it…”
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