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December 2017
Citrus Springs Villager 9
Back In Time: MSBU
Roy Goyette
Communications Director
MSBU? What the heck is that? The acronym stands for Municipal Services
Benefit Unit, and very simply, it is just another method to gather tax money
from property owners.
For many years the Civic Association bantered about an additional taxing
mechanism in an effort to resolve a crumbling infrastructure and to make other
much-needed improvements in the community. The idea came about because of
the steady decline of interest and support by the then financially ailing Deltona
Corp. Community items that needed expansion and maintenance were being
sadly neglected. It appeared that the County was either not able to or willing to
step up and resolve the problems. In July of 1990, a formal letter was submitted
to the County attorney requesting guidance on how to set up (at that time an
MSTU, Municipal Services Taxing Unit) Over the next couple of years committees were formed, a great deal of thought and discussion went into formulating
a plan. After discussions with the County attorney the plan to set up an MSTU
was changed to the now current MSBU. The benefit to property owners is that
the tax would be a flat fee to each lot owner rather than a tax based upon value.
A tax level was set at $25.00 per homeowner and $20.00 to lot owners per year
which still stands today.
After many months of discussion, an MSBU Advisory Council was formed,
guidelines put in place and in February 1994 the council was sworn in. The
original members of the Council were Nick Benvenuto, Peter Monteleone,
Dennis Boody, Milton Nerenberg, James Brouwer, Hal Sistrand, Mark Gibbs,
Ken Zimbro and Doris Holdread. They went to work immediately to decide on
a five-year budget plan. In August of 1994, the budget plan was approved by the
County and the Citrus Springs MSBU became official.
In the first four years, MSBU funds were used to repair more than 240 miles
of roads in order for the county to accept them for perpetual maintenance. The
County had already accepted 60 miles of roads before that. The remainder of
the roads were accepted by the county in late 1999. The MSBU budget was set
up to pay for additional roadside mowing to compliment what the County was
already doing. Additional Fire hydrants were scheduled to be placed in an ongoing effort to protect residents. Street lighting positions were adjusted and repair
and maintenance of the fountain was implemented.
Later funds were used to build our beautiful Community Center.
Over the years little has changed. The MSBU Advisory Board oversees the
spending of roughly $600,000.00 tax dollars each year.The MSBU Advisory
Board meets the first Wednesday each month at the Community Center at 9;00
AM. The public is invited and encouraged to attend these informative and vital
meetings. Find out just how your tax dollars are being spent.
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