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Romans ~ The Inclusive Scope of The Gospel
Rom. 1:6,7
Language is used throughout Romans that is inclusive, as to God’s intent for all men to hear
the gospel and be saved.
Just in chapter one: “…among all the nations … including you … to all … all the world …
the rest of the Gentiles … Greeks and barbarians … wise and unwise … the Jew first and also
the Greek…” This combination and repetition shows God’s intent that the gospel be preached
to everyone, no matter where they are, who they came from, what they are guilty of or any
other distinction.
There were people in Rome who became convinced the gospel was for their salvation and
they had responded (“the obedience of faith,” v.5).
Paul addresses this letter to them: “including you who are called to belong to Jesus Christ.”
The Christians in Rome had heard the call of the gospel and they had answered with
“obedience of faith.” Now, they belonged to Jesus Christ.
Connect this with what Paul said about himself at the top of the letter. Remember, he
described himself as “a servant of Christ Jesus.” It was voluntary servitude to the highest
Master man can have. It meant, when Paul obeyed the gospel and when the people in Rome
obeyed the gospel, they put their lives under the authority and ownership of Jesus Christ. Paul
is writing to people who now belonged to Jesus Christ, as he did.
Likewise, they were loved by God and called to be saints. They may not have been loved by
their neighbors, unbelieving relatives or government. They were loved by God. “Called to be
saints” is a reference to their continuing response to Jesus Christ, to be holy as He is holy. To
these special people, Paul offered his wishes: “Grace to you and peace from God our Father
and the Lord Jesus Christ.”
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