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Romans ~ God’s Wrath, Part 2
Rom. 1:18-31
In Romans 1:18-31, Paul delivers the case against man. The human problem is sin, which has
provoked the wrath of God. In order to appreciate the solution (the gospel), it is necessary to
have a good grasp of the problem. The problem is sin, documented by the apostle in these
early chapters of the letter to the church at Rome.
It is insightful to see clearly where sin starts in the human heart. One starting place is simply
ingratitude. “They did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful.” “They did not honor Him
as God.”
One definitive move away from God into sin is not being thankful; not praising and
honoring God. Sinners become involved in their self-interests and eventually ignore God’s
claim on them. Thus, one of the first steps into sin is not being thankful to God. This
degeneration reaches a place where (verse 25 says), the creature is worshipped rather than the
In verses 24-27, sin is described in ugly detail. God’s intention for intimate human
companionship is lawful marriage between male and female. The error described in these
verses is a distinct departure from that.
If you are not practicing that form of sexual immorality, however, you can take no comfort
that you are thereby exempt from the problem. What comes next is gossip, malice, envy and
disobedience to parents. Isn’t it clear, sin is the problem the gospel was given to solve?
Paul knew that what matters in the final analysis is not whether we feel good or have our felt
needs met or receive a meaningful experience. What matters is whether we come into a right
relationship with God. And to have that happen we need to begin with the truth that we are
not in a right relationship with him. On the contrary, we are under Gods wrath and are in
danger of everlasting condemnation at His hands. iv– James Montgomery Boice, To The
Glory of God, a 40-day Devotional on the book of Romans, p. #36.
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